Saturday, tea, and few trick and tips of floral arrangements. That’s what I am talking on the blog this Saturday and if you love flowers- or rather love a few floral arrangement ideas up your alley that can be done easily- this might be something you’d like to read. Come along ladies, come along. Grab your beer or coffee!

Weekend in my home means flowers. Honestly, it’s become sort of a ritual now! I love getting a bunch or two from the flower market and pair them with locally foraged leaves to make little tuffets that I can scatter through out the house. From my tea tray and center table to dining table, the space above AC, top of the fridge and the bath- you’ll find flowers everywhere. And I think somehow the sight of flowers have that power to make you feel instantly happy. And what’s with these bouts of panic attacks that I have been having recently that I need flowers in my life. Plus, they are also my favourite subjects to photograph- I think people who follow me on instagram will agree to this!

I am reminded from instagram that this post is the answer to a few queries about floral arrangements in my home on instagram– a lot of you asked me about my choice of flowers, where do I get them from, the vases, and a whole lot of stuff. So instead of personally answering the questions, which honestly is a bit of a task considering I had one too many, I thought I’ll do a wee blog to tell you how I get these pretty floral pieces done and all info pertaining the same. And you’ll be happy to know that they are not cost or time intensive at all.

Come along, I’ll do a thorough decoding of my vases, the choice of flowers and a few tricks that I have followed by far to up the floral arrangement game- so you can do it in your home too. Ready? Oh and before I get into doing all the explaining, let me tell you that this is how I do it. You could very well mix in a few things from in here to your choice of vase or flowers and I bet they will look just as awesome. Okay then!

Vases {read: weapons of choice} for Floral Arrangement

1. Enamelware and tin ware: I love enamelware and I have a range of holders ranging from pitchers and bowls to canister and cups that I use for my floral arrangement. I also use Indian tin-ware a lot and love the oil dispensers that you find in ration shops.
Where To Buy: I get my enamelware from Axlslittleshop and also from Royal Enamelwares, Vashi. The Tin measures are from Junta Market.

2. Old bottles and jars: Old bottles- of vintage alcohol or soda or beverage- are again one of my favourite things when it comes to adding depth through flowers in my home. If they have a bit of discoloration- even better. They look amazing when you group them with a twine and a sea shell! Or to get that rustic look, you can also get them in an old crate and turn them into a centerpiece.
Where To Buy: Believe me you, try They have sweet old bottles.

3. Teacups: Got broken sets? Don’t fret. Use the cups to display flowers instead.

How to make chic floral arrangement

1. Choose a variety of flowers- Other than a bunch of roses look for roses, mums, baby’s breath, gerbera and tube rose. Throw in together with a few rosemary or basil. Single bunches are terribly boring. But not always- not if you have a bunch of hydrangeas!
Where To Buy: Dadar flower market, mumbai or Vashi station

2. Look towards beautiful branches and leaves, and not just flowers. Take a look around a pick a few branches to go with your flowers or leave them as is as I have done here. They look beautiful
Where to buy: Haha, you tell me

3. Always have some florist’s foam handy. For smaller floral arrangements I like to add in a few stray flowers here and there with a large bushy branch. Sticking them in florist’s foam helps them to hold their place. Plus if you want some flowers in angles, you can do that with a florist’s foam.
Where to buy:, or get it from your regular flower shop.

4. Think colours. When you do a bouquet think what colour tones are the flowers of and what will it be set against. My favourite colour bands are
a. pink, pale pink, bright pink, off-white and green
b. White, off-white, peach, green
c. Red and white
d. Yellow, peach, orange and fuchsia

#tip: Have a roll of twine at your disposal. To add in a little chic-ness and rustic flare, tie a round of twine to the vase and there you have it! Beautiful bouquets made right at home.
Where to buy: You could buy vintage twine from merakicards

Now, you see, floristry is an art. There are complicated dimensions involved in professional floristry and by no means I belittle them. But for me, little hand tied bouquets work just fine and I love that I can make these floral arrangement work in my home.

If you find these helpful and do a bouquet or two, hit me up and I would love to see them. Alternatively, if you have ideas that I can soak, well drop in a comment at the comment section and I would love to try it out. It’s Saturday evening and I have an entire season of Peaky Blinders to devour.

Off for now peeps.

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