Fresh, clean, cozy and absolute classic home decor ideas and inspirations that will go way past winter! As a matter of fact, I’d go as far as to say that this guide will find relevance for years to come- through seasons and good part is none of it is earth-shatteringly trendy. You don’t have to buy new things at all- just sprinkle a little magic through accents and paints!

Now that we are into January and it’ll be time for you to pack your holiday decor, I thought you might find this inspiration guide to be very useful in setting the tone in your home, for the new year.

Give your old cabinets some olive green love

Image: Lobster and Swan

If you want to add in a bit of classic, old school vibes to your furniture, olive green is a great option. Also, not just any olive. I would say close your eyes and straight up choose an olive chalk paint and finish it off with a dark strain. From cabinets to modular kitchens, olive with a bit of exposed wood and copper is a showstopper.

Tip: if you have one of those half-sized steel almirah, chalk paint works fab on those too. No pre-paint required.

Add in aged terracotta

Whether through planters, upholstery or wall treatments, aged terracotta brings in tons of personality to a space. An earthy, warm color; terracotta can also mold itself into summer and winter seamlessly. And it’s also an outright classic.

White painted/treated wicker

I have an odd bit of feeling that good wicker- treated with white- will make a dashing entry. But even if it doesn’t in the glossy pages of magazines, it ranks very high in my books for sure. And always have. To instill a bit of old school nostalgia slathered with romance – in your home- turn to wards wicker. It’s truly timeless.

Tip: How to clean wicker. Brush/vacuum wicker monthly. For moulds, spray with white vinegar and let it dry. Then clean it off with dry cloth.

Soft, faux fur chair squares

Chair squares are such a cute add-on to your decor. And they make any darn chair look cozy and pretty. Oh, hang on. they are also quite practical. If you have a wooden chair that’s tough and cold, these faux fur chair squares are the most effective way to add some cushioning as well as some warmth to your chair. It’s another thing that they ooze luxe and I am a big fan of these mini-soft-heartwarming things.

Checkerboard Rugs in warm tones and neutrals

Checkered rugs is the closest one can get to a cool retro checkered floor and I love how it does both-classic and boho- at the same time. I also particularly love them in neutrals and warm tones because sometimes a stark contrast-y checkered becomes too busy. A checkered in neutral is a perfect way to get on board with the checkerboard trend but also play safe! Also, if perfect checkerboard is not your thing, get in geometric patterns close to checkerboards. They also do the trick well.

P.S. getting in the rug above from Hummimghaus for our little new year living room glow up. It’s called Wales and I ordered 180×270 cms. Cant wait to see how it all shapes up.

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