I have a lot of respect for people who choose their ceiling fans right. It instantly tells me two things-

A. They love their home to the T. And so do I.

B. They have tremendous attention to detail, and this quality alone can take one quite far in life in whatever field they choose to  shine. I really do love this kind.

More often than not we prepare hefty blue prints for the four walls and the floor but the ceiling and the ceiling fans are left to the last minute- or worse in the hands of the contractor. While we see our lumens and energy in the bulbs we choose, we never quite bother to see how much energy is our fan consuming. For an appliance that works 24×7 (atleast for our climate) we give far too much importance to the bulb that sees use for 6-8 hours a day! Don’t you think?

We are also massive in the compromise department when it comes to ceiling fans. In the dead of the night, when we feel cold we will either suffer and let the fan be at high speed or somehow get our wreckage of a body up and reduce the speed. But, did you know that you do have ceiling fans with timers? And speed? Like an AC?

The ministry of ceiling fan- when were busy reducing regulator speed- has moved on and I spoke to a solid homegrown brand over the weekend who are re-inventing ceiling fan one cool tech-spec at a time. They are called AtomBerg and they’ve at it for a long time!

Now, you’d ask why so much brouhaha for a ceiling fan? I’d tell you why not? If your light can turn neon green when you clap and say Billie Elish for no reason at all, why can’t we have more fun 7 functional specs in the fan? I say we subscribe to the ministry of ceiling fans (it doesn’t exist) and make wise decisions. Its 2021. It’s time!

So here’s a guide to choose your ceiling fan right in collaboration with AtomBerg

Look for energy efficient: While aesthetic bit comes on close heels, when looking for a ceiling fan make sure you first ask for energy efficient alternatives. Like LEDs, the right ceiling fan can save you a considerable amount of power.

Atomberg’s BLDC motors consumes 1/3rd the power of a regular fan or 65% less electricity,  runs 3 times longer in an inverter battery, doesn’t heat at all and ensures longer life for your ceiling fan. By the BLDC motos are to ceiling fans what discovery of lumen/watt is to light. These motors covert supplied electrical current into mechanical energy and feature very high efficiency, controllability and comes with power saving advantages.

Featured here is the Renesa Smart Plus in wood finish

A little science spec because yall know my knack for these stuff: Why BLDC motors are so good is because it can handle maximum torque continuously in a considerably small motor size. Brushed motors on the other hand reach max torque at a certain point and for it to deliver the same torque as a brushless model, it’ll have to use large magnets.

Look for a fan with remote control: Please. Please listen to me and get yourself a fan with remote control. Why? Because it’s very convenient. You can just lug it around and tap a button and your fan behaves the way you want to. No more shivering at night or waking up to reduce the speed.

Atomberg’s smart remote works from upto 20ft distance, and comes with a sleep mode and a boost mode. The sleep mode, decreases the fan 1 speed notch every 2 hours. In short, at 4 am you will not feel like you are in the Tundra and you’ll freeze to death with the AC on.

Consider Air-Flow & Blade size: Air flow is the amount of air a fan delivers per cubic feet/minute. It is calculated in CFM and 75 is the minimum CFM you should look at. Wider blades give you more air.

Featured above is the Studio Series in Earth Brown

Smart fans? Why not! If smart home appliances are your thing Atomberg’s Smart series fans can be controlled with the Atomberg app or voice with assistants like Alexa or Google home.

3 blades, 4 blades or more? This will totally depend upon the décor and mood of your home. The number of blades have no bearing on air flow so it’s really upto you. However, a four or five or even 6 blade gives a more conventional look and its perfect for homes that don the vintage/classic vibe. For modern homes, 2 blades or 3 blades look very sleek and futuristic.

Colour of ceiling fans: Again, depends solely on your décor. But I particularly love wooden blades. They look so classy in homes. I also love vintage black fans that is so good with either traditional, colonial or modern-classic homes. I love wicker fans and if you have a beachy cottage vibe, they are your go to ceiling fans. I also love sleek white and black fans that are perfect for minimal modern or scandi décor. Love the Renesa Smart+ oakwood and also earth brown from Atomberg.

Can I cram in some exhaust fan info because I really, really like this

So! Atomberg has these really cool, aesthetically perfect exhaust fans and I am in love. I wanted an exhaust fan for our kitchen in Kolkata and I kind of don’t like those round fans that fit in a hole. I found the most perfect exhaust repository in here and I am spoilt for choice. Take a look here.

Okay, time for tea and time for you to mull!

Great weekend to you!


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