5 simple ways to add summer charm to your home. That, ladies and gents, is the topic of discussion in here today and one I think you all will find handy given the times. Cooped up in our homes, things can look pretty dreary sometimes. And while summer is the perfect season to get out and get some picnic under the tree, our current circumstances allow us none but look out of the window and yearn for the times we were used to. And yet, there are things you can do to get the outside in. Infact, you can get the outside in, in more ways than you can imagine.

For example?

A fresh bunch of bougainvillea

Double mask, run to to your next bougainvillea tree and snip a few branches. Add them to your pitcher. Wash hands. Oh, nothing screams Indian summer like bougainvillea I tell you

Add leafy love everywhere

Add oodles of summer charm to your kitchen/fridge top, end tables, desk or side tables with this one simple trick. Get long branches with leaves on and stick em in a glass full of water. Instant summerification.

Get candles that bring in the scents of summer

I prefer candles over any other method of home fragrance because well…the flicker of the flames. Nothing sets the mood like a candle and if you’d want some moody afternoon I absolutely love this cerulean candle by Lucie Wallace. Its a blend of marine scent with moss, rose and stone fruit. So so beautiful. It reminds me of standing by a lake. Link is here if you want to buy. Also, I would buy it for the reusable tin.

Change to Chambray + Linen

Something as simple as changing out the cushions and the linen can bring in massive change in your home. I change to chambray in denim blue and stripes for summer. Every summer. This cushion covers are listed here. I also use stripe drapes and they are amazing. They are from Greige Warp.

Add Citrus-ey Splashes

A pop of orange or yellow can instantly bring in summer to your home and coupled with lots of blue and white you can have a brilliant and vibrant colour palette going on. He’s how I keep lemons in my home

An added tip: Keep the tabletops easy breezy

Clear clutter and keep the tabletops easy breezy. A pitcher full of flowers with a shell and a pinecone or some sea glass and you’re done!

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