Stripes and ginghams rule my book of prints and quite predictably- or perhaps by habit- I inevitably pick stripe and checkered patterns no matter where I am shopping. But then again, not all stripes make it to my book. For a stripe to be 100% #trumatterstyle it should evoke coziness. Whether through colour, material or design. Take a look at how I choose stripes for my home and a few tips to help you ace at choosing yours.

Thickness & Colour

I love stripes that are atleast an inch-thick, not too bold and adds the right dose of pattern with your solids. For example, a combination of thick and thin stripes- or “unbalanced” stripe- look much better as opposed to alternating striped lines of the same width. Also, by rule, if you are choosing a thin stripe make sure you have enough non-stripe colour to balance it. For thicker stripes, alternating lines may look nice. I remember having a navy and white bedding set with 1/2″ thick with stripe all over and I couldn’t for the love of God look at it. Stripes should be such that it lends oodles of comfort in your space without being too garish. And neutrals make sure your eyes flow from one colour to the other seamlessly.

By rule, thinner stripes give you the illusion of solids. And unless you are gunning for a look like that, stick to classic stripe or ticking.

In terms of colour, I love stripes in neutrals or palest of pastels because when there are two very contrasting colours side by side, it can be quite dizzying. I love when your eyes are at ease and it can navigate without getting blocked by boundaries.

Fabric & Hand-Feel

I adore stripes in linen or cotton. It looks very lived in and adds dollops of country coziness to your space. On the contrary, I never loved stripes in satin somehow. The sheen and the pattern, together don’t work with me. I have no idea why. I also am not a big fan of self stripes. The difference in sheen look a bit off to me, specially when it comes to home fabric. Again, very subjective. You may like it and that’s perfectly alright.

Take a look at these stripes that made it to our book of cozy stripes

Beige and White Cotton Bedding: by Altrove

White and Grey Cushion Covers: by Altrove

Striped Runner: by Cottons&Satins

Vintage Stripe Curtains: By GreigeWarp

Striped Beige Cushion: By IKEA

Apron: by IKEA

Stripe vase: by IKEA

Throw by: Shuffling Suitcases

I also love this striped cotton cushion covers by Livonti. I have been using them for a while now and they’re quite nice. Comes in 3 colours- grey, blue and red!

So tell me, do you have a favourite kind of stripe? What is your go to colour when you choose stripe? Are you a bold and beautiful kind of a person? Or a soft and muted damsel like moi? Put my comments section on fire. Haha

Off! Coffee. Rukmini

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