Christmas is over and NYE will be done and dusted in a matter of days; its another long stretch of a year ahead, the offices and zoom calls will get a lot more intense with no public holidays to look forward to in a very long time and wait, that shitty virus has now new strains. Dear God, what is the very point of my existence?

I have often stared at this looming question for years, myself and if you, like me, are feeling a bit flat at the moment, let me tell you you are not alone. The phenomenon is called January Blues and it’s very legit. And counsellors from around the world believe that the build up to Christmas has a lot to blame for!

This is not depression. This is Blues

You may feel a bit low, but do not misunderstand this feeling for depression. With the awareness in mental health creeped in another kind of problem- people use anxiety and depression freely. This is not depression but more like a drained-out feeling. Like how one would feel after a beautiful vacation.

Remember that quote? “I need a vacation to rest from my vacation”? It’s just that. It’s too much seasonal build-up and magic in the air resulting to a big lull once its all over. It’s important to allow your mind and body to rest, rejuvenate and ease into it all. Give yourself the time to settle to the pace of the change and do these 10 things that’ll help you in getting there.

Relax. There is no need to achieve anything or be anyone you are not

Atleast not in the first week of January. If you have something you need to accomplish, make a chart and go for it, slowly. It really bothers me how most people go bonkers in the first weeks of January with resolutions. As if it’s time bound. Truth is, it’s not. Don’t put your body in panic mode but slowly develop a habit.

New year, new resolutions and that weird pressure to be someone you are trying to be is so high at this time of the year that it almost feels like sanity is slipping away. Instead, in January let yourself free. Take that extra time if you want, if you are working don’t set unrealistic expectations of working out everyday or cook every meal because you took a new year resolution.

Run a bath, read a book or if playing drums make you happy do that. This is the time to rejuvenate your way.

Tell yourself, It’s alright if your friends had a great party and you didn’t

A good party is great and in company of friends the magic of NYE and Christmas glows even more, but what the heck. If you didn’t and you had to stay at home or you have ailing relatives or you are broke as broke can be its ok. It really is OK. Good times comes through out the year and you’ll claim your time.

Get out, absorb, forage a bouquet

Not feeling too hot? Go take a walk. Look around you, absorb the nature, look at the blue sky and green grass- they are all just the same! The earth as you know it! Take a nice long stroll and while at it, forage a few flowers. Come home happy- guaranteed!

Tip: Add a capful of liquid bleach and a pinch of salt to make your blooms last longer.

Take out one item you love from your storage & keep it through Jan

Come January, I take out one item from bed that I really, really adore and keep it near me. It makes me feel nice, cozy and also adds a bit of change to the space. For me, it’s those cushion covers and this new throw from ScriptbyGodrej

Try new recipes that you have been meaning to

Not just December but January is for baking too. January is for hot chocolate with cocoa too! Find out those recipes you bookmarked and never got to try in December and extend the baking season to January too. Colder months and the smell of freshly baked bread is celebration in itself.

Something new: Get a plant you have never had before, read a book you’ve never read

Digging your hand deep in the soil is absolutely therapeutic. So is the smell of new book! And trust me, there is nothing quite satisfying as doing a little gardening and getting lost in the pages of a good book. This is my current read and it’s absolutely delish.

Now, I don’t want to be the partypooper here but I know you’ll need this soon enough and I’d rather keep you ready like I’d do to me!

Oh, and if none of this work for you, just stand in your balcony and scream, “Jai Mata Di, Let’s Rock”. Hahahaha. Full power!

Love, Rukmini

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  1. Love your palettes… serene and blissful! Huh, that tip on bleach and salt for blooms, to how much water?

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