I always feel a bit blue around this time of the year and it’s certainly January blues. For years I blamed it on Christmas and looked forward to another till the sadness kind of became overwhelming. I mean I know that there is a “high” that we build up through all those months- looking forward, expecting, preparing, shopping and overall soaking in the generous mood that lace Christmas. Then ofcourse, you have New Year’s eve and all that jazz though that’s something I always spend at home. And come January second week, it’s a disaster. Like there is nothing left in the world for me to be interested in. Question is why?

Because it’s time to hibernate and we are working instead

So I went ahead and did a bit of reading on January blues. It seems I am not the only one. Counsellor Rebecca McCann believes that the build up to Christmas has a lot to blame for!

‘As a counsellor I see people falling into a lull after Christmas. It’s a time when perhaps we actually should be hibernating, recharging ourselves, but modern life doesn’t tend to allow for that. ‘I see people who are exhausted – physically and emotionally drained and this exhaustion means that our stress response kicks in, and this drains us further.

This is different to depression, its short-term exhaustion and by allowing yourself to rest, to rejuvenate, taking the pressure off and healing from the drama of the Christmas period you can often recharge yourself and lift your mood.


So that is it then! I always thought I am a bit weird and obsessed about Christmas but looks like I am definitely not the only one. Most importantly January blues affect more people than you can think of and it’s totally legit. Stranger is the fact that every January I also- by habit- tend to do a few things to make me feel better and looks like it’s the right way to go.

Here are a few things I do to bring in refresh; to rejuvenate and beat the January blues and they are all very inexpensive. Thought I’d share my 5 most favourite ways incase you are interested

Get out and forage a bouquet

0 money. That’s how inexpensive this bouquet is!

While the result will be stunning for sure, the process itself makes you very happy. To see bright, new flowers popping up here and there always makes me very happy. Also, a little conscious thing is to snip flowers from the lower end so it can continue to look beautiful for others.

Tip: Add a capful of liquid bleach and a pinch of salt to make your blooms last longer

One item you love from your storage

My mum’s shawl which most of the year is inside the bed

Come January, I take out one item from bed that I really, really adore and keep it near me. It makes me feel nice, cozy and also adds a bit of change to the space.

Try new recipes that you have been meaning to

Baking makes me happy so I try a few new bread recipes come January and which I continue to make throughout the year. Last night, I baked these multigrain bread rolls and they’re absolutely delicious. Plus, free bakery-like home fragrance. I mean how cozier for free can it get.

Do Some Gardening

My tiny citronella

Digging your hand deep in the soil is absolutely therapeutic. And so is the entire process of gardening in my opinion. A new leaf, a new fruit, or snipping a herb or a flower for your home- absolutely divine.

Don’t change a thing. No pressure

New year, new resolutions and that weird pressure to be someone you are trying to be is so high at this time of the year that it almost feels like sanity is slipping away. Instead, in January let yourself free. Take that extra time if you want, if you are working don’t set unrealistic expectations of working out everyday or cook every meal because you took a new year resolution. Instead, slowly start what you want to achieve over time.

As for me, it’s 1350 calories for the day and I have logged in my breakfast already.

Remember, January is just a month. Like December you can get it a lot of cheer and a whole lot of generosity just as you have been pre-Christmas. Don’t let a date or month tell you how you will feel. Cozying up to good vibes is our birthright. Well almost 🙂

Toodles. I haven’t slept the entire night and I would very much like to catch some sleep.


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