If there is one thing you should turn to this year when it comes to your home, it’s linen napkins. Why? Because they can be all of this, at the same time- a serviette, a face towel, a hand towel and your beloved prop. They also absorb better, wash better, looks oh-so-farmhouse-ey and you save a ton of money too because they keep forever. Convinced? Thought so!


when I say hand towel and face towel, I don’t mean kitchen towel. Of course you will need a set separate for your kitchen because haldi mirchi etc. which need boil wash once in 15 days. By hand towel I mean wiping wet hands solely- perhaps after meals or handwashing in general! And I have found that linen napkins particularly work fantastic in this department. I also carry them as my face-hanky or towel while traveling and I don’t have to use paper napkins which obviously saves waste.

Give them a wash once a week and you are good to go. No frills required.

Oh and grab a basket and store them right in front of everyone’s eyes – no hassle!

Undyed Linen- Saphed Home

During Diwali, Saphed sent a little hamper to me. A cutesy little bag full of undyed linen table accessories and I have been a BIG fan since. I have used their linen napkins as serviettes, have carried them as face towel when I am travelling and ofcourse shot a million tablescape with them- they’re divine. I also wash them in cold water and never iron them. Never have to!

I also use them simply- fold it and add some seasonal elements if using as serviettes- like I did for our christmas table.

Embroidered linen by Label MJ

I save these for special occasions and use them chiefly as serviettes and they are fine as fine can be. I haven’t found any use of these otherwise but I wouldn’t mind them as face towels in a fancy tea partay! Oh, and the best part is, just knot it up for a carefree and casual tablescape- no napkin ring required.

Find Label MJ here

Cocktail napkins from 7 petals home

Not many do cocktail napkins and yet they can be very very versatile. From saving that water mark on your table to lining small baskets for serving bread or biscuits- these little linen napkins are horses! 100% linen, these also wash well and just gets softer with every wash.

So much so that I have now ordered a set for my face only.

These are also customizable so you can add what your heart wants on it- which also makes for a perfect party favour.

Find 7PetalsHome here

From Label MJ

I also love these napkins from Label MJ but I called these in for a shoot so don’t have them!

Tell me, do you use napkins? What’s your favourite napkin brand or design and how do you use them?

Love, R

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