December 26th has always been that lousy day for me. As if recovering from a high that lasted well over 2 months, with a sudden low that feels pretty intense, just that in the opposite spectrum. So other than wallowing – the bad kind- in sadness; in the fading glow of the imaginary sleigh, I decided to sit down and jot down my plans (this is considering 2021 will be slightly better and we will not skip to covid 30 with multiple lockdowns) for the home. Basically adding some highs to cut the lows and wean myself slowly.

Dang, the hardest thing in life is to deal with one’s own penduluming, emotional self. So you got to devise ways to deal with the cranky baby within and keep hanging toffees at equal intervals.

To-Do list for the New Year


Change the walls to the lightest shade of grey or white

And add a lot more linen, khaki and greys in upholstery. I am very done with the dark walls. It was good for the year but I am done.

Scale down. This probably comes before the paint

I have more things than I need now so it’s all going to be given away in a good old age home or an orphanage. I will also sell a few things incase you all want to grab stuff.

Paint all trims and doorframes white & add contact paper to the doors & countertop

Removable contact papers are great if you are staying on rent and don’t have to answer the landlord about painting over. This year I will tackle the two. But then we do have plans to move. So need to figure if we are moving or not.

Use the kitchen balcony to grow herbs

I toggled for years with herbs and figured that in our bedroom balcony the heat from the ac kills the herbs. So shifting it all to the kitchen balcony. Not to mention, all my plants are dead because Pramila didn’t open the balcony window because muzu michiko runs to the balcony when I am not around and the plants are now fossil. Including the basil I grew from seed.

Get a cupboard for my clothes

Since I moved this rack to my kitchen, I have been keeping my clothes all bundled in Rohan’s wardrobe. This is something I have to make space for.

Get two tall lamps for our bedroom and do away with the overhead bulb pendant

I don’t know why I fixed the light there but never mind. The light doesn’t help at all. Haha. One of those misjudgments I guess.

Get a good office chair that’s also 100% farmhouse

I legit don’t sit to work in my desk because of the really bad chair. So that needs to be worked upon. Probably after the massive declutter.

Also, can I tell you, the toffees worked. I am feeling quite excited already!

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  1. Thanks, for providing us with these spring summer inspirations. Your blog is really informative and is very interesting, i loved it. Modern house interior designs are a part of everybody’s life so as to keep their homes updated and renovated .

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