Christmas decoration! Happiest topic to talk about y’all! Just the very mention of the word makes my heart go all fuzzy! Wonder where I caught the Christmas fever from though. I blame the air. Like flu, magic is in the air too!

Welcome ladies and gents to another rubble-a-bubba-dub-dub. Also wonder how you all stuck through all these years reading everything from rancid rants to roaring rage; ruminations, reminiscences and decor romance. You all sleigh! Alright, enough of this Christmas puns, I’ll get straight to the point.

This is where you buy realistic Christmas Trees online, in India

Fluffy, really real looking trees with real needles et al

Payal Aneja runs Couture Zilla and she imports mostly homedecor items, and I cannot be enough thankful to her for bringing in trees too. I got my tree from her in 2018 and its still just the way it was. There is one broken limb though but that’s me.

My tree is a 6 foot grand fir, not-flocked

Fluffy trees but without realistic needles

TrinityChristmas sells fluffy, very realistic looking trees but without the real looking spruce needles. You can check them out here and they deliver online. One thing however is, Spruce is my personal favourite. You’ll get bottle brush pine too but that doesn’t look very realistic to me.

Good, scrawny trees that are perfect for minimalistic, Scandinavian decor

IKEA s 2020 Vinter range has beautiful Christmas trees with very realistic looking stems and I love how it resembles a noble fir. Because the branches have gaps in between, garlands and long-ish christmas ornaments look particularly beautiful in this type of trees. See image below.

Image: Kingofchristmas

Fluffy, full but not spruce. Here is where to buy Pine

Now personally, I don’t know what Texas Pine is. But that’s what you get at RaveesChristmas- they deliver online and also have offline stores for you to go and get a feel. They have shops in Bengaluru, Mangalore, Bombay and Goa. Linking here

Real and beautiful- Norfolk Island Pine or the Indian Christmas tree


I will try and decorate a real christmas tree this time to show how easy it all is to decorate with one. Just keep it simple! With tress with huge gaps, just keep it simple.

Real and beautiful- Cypress plants (don’t survive bombay heat)

Image: NurseryLive

Cypress has beautiful needles and look absolutely beautiful potted in galvanized buckets or terracotta planters. For a lush, green Christmas-sy home, add little plants all over the place. But beware, they don’t survive the Bombay heat. I have tried and failed. But who knows, you may be able to make them live for years!

Available in all leading nurseries.

8 thoughts on “This is where you buy realistic Christmas Trees”

  1. Absolutely wonderful post there! Feels so much like Christmas after reading this post πŸ™ƒ checked out all the sites and you are on point with their collections. I have been looking for plaid and Christmas theme ribbons since like forever and meraki has it all. Even the glass baubles are wow. This Christmas is going to see some new addition to my collection he he 😁

  2. How do you do it?!? Looking at the photos, one would think its a quaint little house in England, not Mumbai ! You are amazing πŸ™‚

  3. Loved it….thank you for the information. Also plzz give some suggestions on the tree decorations.

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