Full of vintage ornaments that I have collected over the years. No flocked tree in here. Just a simple lush grand fir. I have switched from an all white decor to a moody and dark Christmas decor this year- simply because I was feeling it. I wanted a Christmas home that screams cozy and what better than lush greens, natural wood and lots of vintagey deep reds to bring it all home!

For the first time in my life, I have a tree skirt and I am so excited. No ugly legs to be seen and just perfect.

My Christmas tree ornaments are a mix of vintage glass and cheap plastic- both of which I bought over the years. There are also some good IKEA Sweden plastic ornaments and a few special edition ones- like the rabbits. If you want to see how to decorate a Christmas tree, I have done a blog here

On the opposite side of the tree, I have a tiny wreath on my seasonal display ladder and a duster cushion to cheer the corner up. We had a sofa here which unfortunately broke so my study is here.

My study is from BeVintage and its my favorite thing ever!

For the cushions, I have used dark navy, cream and deep maroons and added various forms of the the three colours. I paired the plaid cushion with a simple provence striped linen cushion and will add some more cream in the coming days!

Just wanted to show you all what’s cooking in here is all!

Must sleep. Toodles. R

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