Yellow printed mixed cotton pajamas, fbb- 899/-

And continue to do so! Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to this virtual pajama party- one which you have so eagerly waited for. Kinda glad you like my pajamas and agree that good pajamas are indeed the fourth basic necessity of human life.

I just made that last bit up but what the heck. I totally think once you have sorted your roti-kapda-makaan scene, the next best thing to have is a pair of comfortable pajama to enjoy the first three and life in general. Specially, if you are a homebody like me.

Pink floral pajama and knotty top, westside 1200/-

But then again, keeping philosophies aside, a stash of good pajamas is super handy too. When you work from home 10 hours a day, trust me, all you need is a pair of comfortable and yet good looking pajamas that blurs the homewear-nightwear boundary. Guilty of investing in a few sets since January because I just couldn’t get myself to wear proper clothes and work from home. Just cannot.

Silk pajama, Red Rose Vashi, 1450/-

A good pajama is like Crisco

You have friends at home and y’all are getting a few dranks and you don’t feel like wearing clothes fit for entertaining? Bank on a good pajama set. You got to do some gardening? Pajama. Waiting on the vet? Pajama, T and a housecoat perhaps. Got swiggy coming over at ungodly hour? A good Pajama. You want to feel amazeballs after a long day? A good Pajama. It’s really like Crisco. But if you really want to enjoy the reference, see the movie, “The Help”. Then come and tell me if you like chocolate pie 🍫

So what makes a pajama, TruPajama

Floral blue and pink pajama, West side sale, 600 odd bucks

Haha, see what I did there?

Over the years in perfecting my pajama connoisseur-ism I have realized that the print alone is not enough. For a pajama to be a good pajama or well…#TruPajama…it has to pass through a set of vital tests. The first being the feel of it against your skin. Take a look at how I choose a pajama.

Sushi Pajama, FBB, 1200/-

Fabric: It is absolutely crucial to see how the Pajama feel against your skin. When you wear it, it has to make you feel like its an extension of you. Choose simple cotton that gets softer with wash or good silk. If you are ina colder clime- Knit or flannel is the way to go. I also like rayon. It’s super lightweight, breathable and quick to dry!

Pink and grey pajama set, WestSide, 1299/-

Jersey is a good material too if you are into the stretch of it all

Fit: If you are choosing a pajama that’s hugging your lovehandles, I guarantee you an uncomfortable sleep. I am not asking you to be a hobo but buy a size bigger. Your dreams need flow πŸ˜›

Stripe Pajama Set, Max fashion 999/-

Colour: Now this is totally subjective but I think paler shades or very dark shades make for a good pajama. In summers, I’d choose light pinks and greys. Or a nice floral beige. In winters I steer towards red checkered ones and deep greens and navy. It’s quite seasonal but it’s really upto you.

Print: I love checkered, stripes and florals when it comes to my pajamas and I stick to it. Not a big fan of big abstract prints and cartoons. But this is upto you too. But remember to avoid ones with big rubbery prints because in summers they block airflow and can get very uncomfortable.

Pajama WestSide, Top- Max. Total- 1100/-

And that’s it! Here are all the pajamas I have loved before and hopefully will keep lovin’ them till they decide to part ways. And before I sign off, let me tell you, if you are buying a bottom and top separately, steer towards solids for top and smaller prints for bottom and colours that go with your existing sets too. this way you’ll be able to mix and match and not be restricted to a set!

Next time you are out and about buying a pair of good pajamas, remember to quickly check these. A small mental utterance of “Hail Trupajama” may also help you in choosing that perfect pair, if your stars are aligned. Cannot guarantee though. I am a failed clairvoyant and that has been proven right time and again πŸ™‚

Happy ganesh chaturthi to you. Have lots of modaks and chill in your pajamas.

Off xo

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