Okay, I am not quite sure if everyone’s talking about this faux fireplace but it sure sparked some interest in my instagram when I posted this photo. And this is great because we are finally getting over the unsaid rules that come with our geographical boundaries and giving our wishes a spot when it comes to our home. From sticking to a style because you are in certain region to turning it into a sweet refuge one wants to escape to- we are giving our dreams and imagination a chance and this change is great. Because you see, your home should reflect who you are. Not where it is. For the latter, there is Google Maps.

And as for the faux fireplace (which is fake af) it’s from Amazon. 900 bucks worth of pure gold- the only thing I can think of in terms of improvement is a sound effect. All we needed to notch the game up in here was a nice crackling sound and it would have been a machine you’d treasure. I am looking for a sound machine as we speak but I doubt i’ll find anything other than those “om namah shivay” boxes that plays all day long. But I am also confident that someone must have thought of this and somewhere it’s there. Hidden. Waiting for me to find it. Gosh, I waste all my time on finding things. But then someone’s gotta right?

Anywho. As for the faux fireplace, I thought I’ll do a little verbal unboxing for you all. It’s basically a very flimsy box which has one exterior, fiber fixture that looks like wooden logs. Behind, there’s a screen which reflects light and within the box there’s a mechanical component that has a light and several small reflective papers. The axle rotates, the light moves, the papers shine and the simulation is that of a low, crackling, cozy fireplace with all that heady glowy orange. Simple stuff, but looks very nice when you light it up.

You can use three medium batteries to operate or connect the plug (comes with the faux fireplace) behind with a usb compatible extension chord. You’ll get them for 400 bucks in Croma.

I did the later because I was sure I’d use it everyday. The price is 950 bucks and the glass that fits above all the fixtures came broken. But I didn’t bother exchanging because it can be fixed.

If you ever want to open, it’s just 4 screws at the back and you can see the mechanism is pretty straight forward. Ideally dont 🙂 Phew. What a shitty reviewer right? But I know you get it 🙂

What if you don’t have a fireplace? Or a Niche to keep it?

Well, I think it’s pretty darn handy to use just about anywhere but if I had to carry it around like I carry my cup, I’d style it

A. In my balcony! Keep it on a table and arrange chairs around it. Or keep a chair, a lamp and a cozy fire place by the chair’s foot for a super snug reading nook.

B. Stack it on top of books. If you think the balcony is not an option, stack it with some books. Ideally in a corner. You can also add a full size mirror behind it for them feels.

C. Keep it in the aisle below a bench. Throw a chunky knitted shawl and voila!

The Benefit in an investment like this

Now thing is, while most of the time I vouch for products that are multi functional, sometimes I do an investment or two on products that are very, very uni-dimensional. Because the one purpose it fulfills, it does so perfectly, which in turn makes your life incrementally better.

Like a good coffee machine. It will never take you from point A to point B but hey, it makes you ready for the shit storm day. Think of this as a similar investment. Soul therapy y’all!

Here’s the link to all kind of fireplaces available on Amazon. Go check. And no, the giant didn’t pay me for this. At all.

Off. I need some tea in my veins.

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