Our Favourite Loungewear and why we love these 5 brands who are acing the loungewear game with beautiful designs in softest fabric that you can do both zoom calls and sleep in. That ladies and gents is the topic in here today so if you are a pajama girl, we have a treat for you.

Made in India, All women run, large sizes, sustainable choices

What are also discerning in these brands are they all do large sizes, are made in India (oh my God, I cannot read this line without Alisha Chinoy in my mind) and are all run by women entrepreneurs, which checks a massive right in our books.

I am also sorry if you are here for decor because this blog has my face pasted throughout the length of it. I generally am behind the camera but this post required me to model and run 50 million times with a 10 second self-shoot option to show how the loungewear fits and looks on me- who is a normal, everyday girl with XXL requirements, frizzy hair and just one red lipstick & a Kohl to save the day. But if you are here for more, I think you will find this post really useful ❤

Alright, now that disclaimer has been made, let us get on with the list of 5 best brands that are truly acing the loungewear game! Coffee on, feet up. 100% #TrumatterStyle!

Loungewear Brand #1 Suman Nathwani

Suman Nathwani began her journey in 1987, pioneering the lingerie industry in India. Although Suman had a flare for fashion and style since she was a child, her journey as a designer only started when her sister was getting married and Suman was unable to find the desired sleepwear for her. Drawing her inspiration from her childhood favourite novels of Mills & Boon, Suman webbed an entire wardrobe for her sister. There was no looking back and Suman realised she had to weave her career in sync with her passion.

She has actively participated in Bridal Asia since 1990 to 2013 and is a preliminary member of Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI). Suman has also showcased her collection at Lakme Fashion Week, with celebrities doning her loungewear for years, and today she happens to be a guiding point for women suffering from breast cancer with TATA Memorial Centre, for lingerie counselling or silicone implanted lingeries for mastectomy patients.

Decades of experience shows in her loungewear collections and pity I found her when 34 years of my life has passed. But better late than never!

When it comes to Suman Nathwani loungewear, the fabric is to die for, the fit is fantastic and I couldn’t get our of these pajamas they’re that good. Before writing this blog, I wore each piece for a couple of days so I can gauge how the skin feel and comfort is and I have to tell you, Suman Nathwani scores ace in my book.

Suman Nathwani is a Kolkata based brand that is available online and ships pan India. Click here to buy

Loungewear Brand #2 Koaala

Hello beautiful plaid in sofffffft brushed cotton. You know you have my heart! You know you make me feel like a soft koala bear hugging me while the sun is up, the air is cool and the birds are singing. Man, this feels like heaven! And more so because now that the boundaries between bedroom and living room and lounge and shopping has dissolved into one- these loungewear stes ensure that you have no need to change at all. You can adult in a PJ in style and have fun while at it!

Koaala is the first domestic label of TNR International- a government recognised, star export house, that has been manufacturing kidswear & sleepwear since 3 decades for globally reputed brands such as: Gap Inc, T.K. Maxx, T.J. Maxx, Anthropologie, H&M, Lucky Brand, Joe Fresh, Urban Outfitters, Next, Old Navy, Free People amongst many others. Bringing similar levels of comfort, craftsmanship, and quality to the Indian market, is the foundation of Koaala.

In Koaala’s own words, ”We at Koaala, love and take immense pride in what we do. Once reserved solely for the bedroom pyjamas/sleepwear have made the transition into daywear. We understand this and strive to create gorgeous products that move with you as you sleep or go about your day.

We source the best fabrics and trims from reputed mills across the nation. Many of our prints/designs are screen printed by hand and our completely unique to Koaala.

Koala, one of the cuddliest and cutest marsupial in the animal kingdom, is known for its unmatched skill to sleep for up to 22 hours a day, this, is the proud inspiration behind Koaala.”

They also have pretty masks, eye patches and hair ties to arm you with everything you’d need to to sleep and go about in your loungewear well! See and buy here

Loungewear Brand #3 SweetSlumber

It feels like wearing air, is what I told a friend when he asked me how comfortable is this. And I stand by my words. Light, comfortable, in the most sublime jaipuri prints in pure cotton and in a very global form- Sweet Slumber is an Indian loungewear label that brings together vivid Jaipuri prints and breezy designs to make lounging, sleeping, and doing pretty much anything else look and feel effortless.

The founder of the label – Bhanu Garg ( who is lovingly called Bee) is a lawyer turned entrepreneur who brings her flair for styling and passion for Indian textile together in this young, homegrown venture based out of her hometown in Dehradun, India.

Sweet Slumber deals in fair trade cotton and employs only local talent in the production of their garments, promising to bring ethically sourced and sustainably manufactured loungewear to your doorstep.

Major, major, major tickmark in our book and as I am washing the material, its getting softer and linen-ier- a quality of good, pure cotton.

A little about the Kafjama

I think the idea of a kaftan paired with a pajama is absolutely revolutionary. On days when your stomach is taught with all thse leg raises and you want to venture out a bit you can quickly gather the kaftan around your waist and step out in style. On other, when you have had a gigantic sunday lunch and the stomach is distended beyond it should, just loosen it up. Loosey goosey baby! Haha.Best.

Buy and explore here

Loungewear Brand #4 Little West Street

The only thing Taimur Ali Khan Pataudi and I have in common is this gorgeous loungewear and I still cannot carry it like him. He’s a bleckin’ handsome nugget. But then he doesn’t have to tally excel, do bills, sent emails, chase payments, do invoices, get parcel from the gate, tally designs and think about what to eat next all at the same time. And to be able to do all of that very fashionably and comfortably, all day long is a major win. Along with my loungewear!

And before I tell you all about this homegrown loungewear brand, let me enlighten you with the fact that this pajama feels like being wrapped in a swede blanket on a cold day but you are not warm! It’s what Hygge is, but in fabric.

I also really appreciate the fact Little West Street keeps a low volume/ on demand brand inventory so the wastage is less and the products are always new. With their new fabric packaging, they have also bid goodbye to single use plastic which makes this loungewear ever so special.

Founded in 2015 in New York City, Little West Street, in their own words, ”has become synonymous with quality, practicality, and ethics. Our mission from the outset was to create a brand whose products exemplified these traits and allowed parents (and babies) to rest easy knowing that our team has been mindful about every step of the process, from design and production to how it performs and looks in your home.”

Founder Samridhi (Sam) Ganeriwalla, when she had her first child, realized that while there are many brands who do nightwear for kids, there aren’t many who do it ethically or sustainably. She felt compelled to take into account the karmic consequences of purchases for her son asking the tough questions: Where did these products come from, how were they made, and what were they comprised of? This is when she took matters into her own hands.

Today, Little West Street is a successful loungewear brand which is known for its quality, natural fibers, ethical environment and fair pay. Gives me much comfort to think that with every buy one is contributing to a kinder world where there is less waste and more happiness. A feeling their products emulate.

Explore & Buy here

Loungewear Brand #5 Kari By Kriti

Imagine beautiful block prints in pure cotton moulded in free spirited bohemian style loungewear and that’ll be Kari by Kriti in a nutshell. Founded by Kriti, an apparel merchandiser by profession and with 11 years of experience in textile buying and designing specially focused on developing sustainable products for modern homes and people, from traditional textiles, Kari by Kriti is one of my favourite.

I have used their robes before and I use their kaftans now and they are divine. But what really sets them apart is the fact that they are all block printed with wooden blocks that are created for a design and are discarded. To quote her, ”During my research and chats with block print artisans, I was told that many of these blocks are usually created for a custom design and never used again. As a supporter of sustainability and resource management, I challenged myself to use ‘old’ existing blocks for my designs instead of designing new ones. I realized that playing with existing patterns and motifs can get tough – there are times when I look at a design and wish that it was slightly larger, more spaced out or simply a two color design instead of one, but that is what keeps me motivated.”

Well Kriti, that is why I wrote to you because your ethos truly resonates with that of mine!

Buy and explore here

The above stated information is true to the best of my knowledge and I belief and I wouldn’t have it any other way. If you are curvy and are struggling to find loungewear that fits you well and makes you and the world happy, consider these 5 brands that we spotted and used and totally loved.

I shall say no more!

Coffee and books and hygge to you all

Rukmini xo

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