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You know what it takes to organize a messy drawer? Not time. Not organizers. Acceptance. That’s what it really takes. Acceptance that the fact that your meticulously organized drawer can get horribly messy from time to time and that you might have to do it all over again and you are okay with it all is it takes for an organized drawer. Or by extension- life.

A lot of us keep things messy not because we don’t intend to sort it. We are just too afraid that it’ll be messy all over again and start telling ourself- “What’s the point”. And in doing so get utterly frustrated everyday, which we clearly don’t deserve. So before anything else, accept the fact that everything is going to be messy. You need to sort it!

Best part is, sometimes you don’t need to buy a thing. Hahahaha- Truquotes y’all!

And once you have done the above, here are my

5 bullet points for organizing a messy drawer without buying anything extra

  1. Clear trash– We tend to keep more things in the drawer than necessary. For example? empty medicine foils, tissue, small bits of paper and the lot. So clear that first

2. Giveaway– If you have more things than necessary, give them away. Sample creams, unopened paints, impulse buys- give them away.

3. Segregate– Once you have figured out what you truly need segregate them according to how often you need them. For me, I need creams and perfumes the most and needle and thread the list so that’s how its placed in the drawer

4. Contain– This is the most crucial point of all. Stuff in drawer are like sheeps. They party when you are not around and go all over the place. So box them up. Paper cups for small items work just fine. Save icecream cups for small change if you’d like. Paper boxes that come to you from amazon can also be used t store items in your drawer. You really don’t have to buy an organizer.

5. Replace– Take a look weekly at what needs replacing. We often buy but don’t discard empty containers which spoils the best of our arrangement. This also contributes to times when we need that particular item the most and’s kaput! So just take a look and see what’s in its last leg. Use it up and replace. So you have it handy when you want it. I do this on Thursdays.

Next week, we will come back with the stationery drawer and I hope this mini series will help you in getting the drawer of your dreams.

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