Casual Home Decor: An Effortless & Timeless Style

Casual Home Decor? Is there such a thing? Oh, very much. Casual and formal does not just exist in the boundaries of fashion but also in home decor. And when your home is concerned, Casual Home Decor is that effortless, timeless style that’s easy to pull off, adds visual comfort to your place as well as makes you feel relaxed and comfortable when you come home after a long, tiring day. In short, Casual Home Decor is all about garnering the best of “comfort”- be it visually (through mixing form, texture and patterns) or in feeling (through function, materials and layers). Come along and we’ll decode how to get that perfectly comfortable home with things that are absolutely common place. A style I like to call #StyleComfy and a style I am much known for!

Mix Era Freely

Eventually it’s all about comfort so bring out your favorite pieces that instills in your home a sense of comfort. No restrictions here. In my home I mix a lot of vintage furniture with modern lighting and clean, defined decor pieces. But one thing to note is where you are placing them. I love vintage furniture but modern lights. So I keep vintage to accents and side tables. A 60’s fruit wood table can totally be your breakfast table with wire mesh chairs. The overall effect will be a comfortable mix that’s not dated and yet not futuristic.

Comfortable seating and bedding

I cannot stress more on the importance of comfy seating. You know it’s all fine till it hurts your bum. I shiver at seating that looks amazing but are so uncomfortable. So choose your seating right. A bench with a cushion is one of my favourite things to have as seating but unfortunately I’ll have to wait for a bigger place! Seriously dude, if you can’t plonk, you ain’t winning. I have been given so many options for getting an alternative to my day bed but its so comfortable, I cant even think of changing it.

Contrast textures

While most things in my home is wooden, I like a bit of cement to contrast it. Similarly, behind a rather minimalist and modern bulb, I have a very elaborate crochet pendant with tassels which is very vintage and maximal. There is no theme here. Just the comfort of having different things at places you like! I also mixed some concrete with copper here as you can see.

A place for children’s art or grandma’s crochet

When it comes to Casual Home Decor you have all the place for children’s art and grandma’s crochet. A gallery style wall or a set of crochet hung side by side is perfect for your casual home. Remember it’s really all about that feeling of comfort. My mom’s painting and two paper clippings that touched me quite hangs in my bedroom and they give me comfort every single day.

Cozy Nooks and spots

And this is where loads of pillows, cushions and throws come in. Cozy nooks are an integral part of Casual Home Decor and layering of fabric in soothing palettes make it possible. Never leave a bed as is. Haha the Japanese will not like this but that’s okay. Remember, plonk.

Not without plants

A comfort laden home is only half a home if it doesn’t have its share of greenies. And preferably vines or plants that trails. A bunch of pothos swaying dreamily in the air or a green vine with tiny violets lacing your porch is half your worries gone. Double your dreams etched. And ofcourse a fiddle leaf fig with its playful leaves are just about perfect. If you have pets and cannot get in real ones, you get very realistic looking fake ones which also look good. I have real ones though.

Art & Craft inspired desk

You know every lived in home has a good old desk. It can be chipped and weathered or polished and oak. This desk becomes the hub of all readers and creative soul in this home. Sometimes its your tea and paper table. At times its your drafting table and then your glue and modge-podge table too. For your casual home, get one of this multi purpose tables. I have one and I use it for dining too.

That special spot

Every one has their spot and your casual home should have a few of these spots- one for each one of you. In my home, my balcony with over hand lanterns and fairy light is my spot and the day bed is my husband’s. Create little places that call you home all the time.

Most importantly, open your mind and your space up. A comfortable casual home decor can be achieved in any style as long as you these points right. This is a style I do well, so I can ask you to count on me for this! Oh, which brings me to the point that we now have a new logo and a hashtag that you can find me by and tag me with if you are doing styling comfy. It’s #StyleComfy.

Must go. People are hungry in this house. Haha people and cat.
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