Easy Vignette Ideas. I can’t even try to explain the number of times I get this. From Instagram to Twitter to Facebook- people love easy home decor ideas and for all the good reasons! Really, a vignette is the easiest way to cheer up a dull corner or a boring table top and the faster a vignette can be assembled the better it is because, hey! No one has the time to carefully plan a vignette yeah? Unless you are working for Kate Middleton and you are getting paid for it. For us, the poor modern slaves, quick vignette ideas are always welcome.

Now, generally I like to write. Often I write long runny sentences and bask in the sadistic glory. Of subjecting my readers to utter confusion where in the start and the end needs to be read twice to figure out what’s going on. Haha, why? Because I like runny sentences. I love digression, a bit of stream of consciousness jump here and there- you know like I am talking to you. But for this blog, however, I shall spare you the dread and leave you with a sweet video. And ofcourse 2 more vignette ideas that you can use.

You know, my style is comfortable and informal. Anything that would require me to settle around it is a complete no no. Decor for me should be such that I feel comfortable around it and so are my vignette ideas. They should be easy, simple, less time consuming and effortlessly effective. Unless my vignette checks these four parameters, it’s just a jumble of things for me. But ofcourse, you can alter the elements in the vignette ideas that I am going too show you to suit your decor style and taste. No qualms there.

How? For example, if your style is Indian, you could swap the book with vintage hard cover books, the pitcher with a copper or brass “kalash” and peonies for marigold/roses. I did a bit of styling to show it to you!

#StyleTip: Make sure you have a few flowers lying around. This adds to the dreamy/casual feel of it all! That’s my own dig though!┬áThis is one of the vignette ideas that was published in Deccan Herald newspaper last year, under Homes & Interior. Any DC readers here?

If you like me are a french country and rustic style lover, here’a a vignette idea I think you’ll really love! Spoiler: Books involved.

I bought this Chumbak Chai holder out of impulse and quickly figured that instead of Chai, I can use to hold flowers in cluster. Add atop of a few books and you have a stunning vignette. On Christmas, I use this too hold a few bells and baubles and I have easy Christmas Vignette in a jiffy. This is so multipurpose- I’d really recommend grabbing one of this.

The 3rd and the final of the vignette ideas is this extremely simple arrangement that can make any corner cheer up with life. And all you’ll need for this is enamelware, a pretty box or two and a string of lights!

Group them together on a corner table or dining area, add a few foliage or flowers and strategically place your lights as backdrop. How will you that? Extension cord bruh! Keep a few extension cord handy and add lights wherever you want. Not only will it act as an alternate source of lighting in your home but will also mood light on a dull rainy evening!

I swore on my life that I will not make it larger than 500 words and its still 600! Leaving you today with these easy vignette ideas this arvo and adapting to writing less. If you find them useful, do leave me a comment!


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