Travel Diary: Mumbai to Sarahan, Kalpa, Reckong Peo, Himachal Pradesh

Covering a whooping 4095 Km, by air, bus and later car, my husband and I backpacked all the way to Kalpa in Himachal Pradesh and from there on to Sangla, Rakcham, Chitkul and back in about 11 days, and this was a vacation to forever remember. Not for the luxuries that were thrown my way because if I wanted my husband allowed none {local is real hangover} but for the experience the entire process lent, and thanks to the same man for that. The sights that opened up, the sighs I heaved, the places I walked and the intense emotions it evoked. Condemn me for my words are feeble. I might not be able to describe the exact train of emotions in words even if I recollect it in tranquillity. I am no wordsworth! But I will try and take you close.

Travel Sarahan 2

Haha, and in the process I shall not exaggerate {face it, I am a little over the top when it comes to decor elements with very biased attitude- it’s either yay or nay} or hide {Because then, the whole point of a travelogue is defeated. You will figure out and curse me}. So follow on on a {laughing horribly right now at this bad joke I am about to crack} Tru-Journey to the hills up north of India- I think you’ll find this useful.
Barring this paragraph you just read.

In my travel journal, I will cover our travel in parts:
Part 1- Mumbai to Sarahan
Part 2- Sarahan to Kalpa
Part 3- Kalpa to Rakcham via Sangla
Part 4- Sangla to Chitkul and back
Part 5- Sangla to Mumbai

And now to travel. No more super faff

Day 1: Mumbai to Chandigarh

Although we wanted to travel by train, we ended up grabbing a flight because well, it saves hassle and time. From Chandigargh international airport to Chandigarh Bus Depot by Uber and from there on this journey begins.

The scene at Chandigarh bus depot is pretty rad. No lines, no queues or counters. Just plain boxes where the bus driver comes and sits and people fall on each other to get the tickets. Your seat is not fixed.

Chandigarh to Shimla with a travel time of 5 hours

We went by the worst bus possible and it took us 5 hours to get to Shimla. The bus leaves you at new bus stop from where you can take another bus to old bus stop for 20 rupees. Taxis ask for 900 bucks so it’s clearly not worth.
Shimla is a quaint little old British town but you will only feel that if you stay on the Mall road. If you stay near the old bus stop, you will never go to Shimla again.

Travel Sarahan 3


If you are overweight and from the sea level with layers of bombay duck fry and beer in your veins like me, walk ahead on the old bus stand road and take the lift to mall road. The walk to the road where the bus leaves you to the Mall road is quite a steep one. I was a baboon trying to breathe and cursing the beer I have had all this while. I agree fit is the way to go but I am only telling if you are like me. You might be overweight and super fit.


Travel is one thing, sorting a stay is another. We ideally wanted to get ahead towards Fago and rest the day but thanks to the tatty bus that we reached way past 7. It was the long weekend and woohooo, the entire Delhi was in Shimla to celebrate the freedom of occupying every single room there is so we had to settle in the filthiest room possible in a hotel called “Sun N Snow”. This hotel needs to be reported. You might get cholera if you stay there and we paid a whooping 2500 for the filthiest room we have ever seen in our entire life. So please book your stay in Shimla if its a long weekend or even a weekend. And stay on the mall road. This bit we figured while returning.

Day 2: Shimla to Sarahan via Rampur- 129 kms + 34.4 kms {off-route}

If you would like to travel by car, take one from Shimla. But if you would like to travel local, take a bus to the new bus stand from the old bus stand, and take a ticket to a place called Rampur or Jeori. You might get a few bus conductors who double as harmless touts and might get you a seat in his bus too. Jump up and you’re done. The good part about taking the bus to Rampur is you get a starting seat to Sarahan. From Jeori it’s a mess.

Rampur to Sarahan is about 34.5 kilometres and takes about 1 hour. The road takes a right from Jeori and moves up through a winding path. Sarahan is located in the end of road- a quaint little town that teases you with glimpses of the high mountains, stretches of apple trees, sweet roads to forests and a little hamlet with only a handful of stalls. Oh, and you will find a lot of lizards on warm stones- sun bathing. Delight!

Travel Sarahan Lizards

Stay In Sarahan

We didn’t book anything in advance but we ran into this hotel called Sagarika and found a guy who was a bong and I used my birthright to get discounts. But unlike a lot of bongs who are generally just outright annoying this guy was exceptionally good who sorted us with a great room hot water, balcony and view for 600 bucks a night & you could ask him for food as well. I’ll feed you with the addresses in the end of this blog.

There is a beautiful temple that you might like to see in Sarahan but I suggest skip that and just walk. We walked about a couple of kilometres ahead and found a beautiful spot to sit and chill. And all along the road you will find apple trees laced with beautiful apples. But hey, don’t pick them. The locals don’t like it and it gives a serious bad ames to tourists. I’ll tell you later what an orchard owner in sangla told me.

Travel Sarahan 4

We started our travel on the 14th of August. 15th to 17th we stayed in Sarahan and 17th morning we took a bus to Jeori at 8:45 {there are buses from 5:20 to 9 at frequent intervals and then you have only one bus at 3} to take a second bus to Reckong Peo. Ah! here on the travel tales gets a whole lot interesting. But I am sorry, 1072 words later you will barely read anymore. So we will save that for Part 2 yeah?

For now, I must scoot to work or my boss will never get me those amazing coffees.
Happy Monday as we dream about the great Himalayas.


Him View Home Stay:
Ask for Sushant Sinha

Shimla stay while going: Never mind. Never mind.

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