Home. Man, there is nothing quite like home and every hotel we checked in we kept drawing references. And I am so so glad to croon in from this happy place which now also some great cushions for musing. Amrita from Olie Living Lighting has been so kind to send across a few delish cushions from their new basic line “Cloud” and a wee table lamp for my new desk from their “Kolam” collection and they fit like gloves in my little beach inspired home.


curious? Hop on in. I have thrown in a few cool colour palattes for home roping in the new Olie basics, their Kolam lamp and a cushion that can be rightly called “old love” from their line Impermanence. I think you will like!

Home_Beach House Basics

Love, love, love the detailing on this one. Now, this is one thing I had noticed straight up. Every single piece from Olie is perfectly finished and never fails to add an element of surprise. You’d think basic and expect just a dab of colour but Olie will surprise you with little french knots and minimalist squiggle embroidery. A pin tuck or two to go with stripes or intricate embroidery on a plain white basic white cushion that’ll quickly become the benchmark of what you’d call basic. There is absolutely no shortcut and basic is no excuse.


In here, I styled an Olie Cloud sky blue solid and stripe with Olie Impermanence- a line that’s inspired by the glint of glitter caught on a dragonfly’s wings! {One more reason to love Olie. Your source of inspiration speaks volumes for you and Olie is a dreamer. Just like me} Hand printed and flanked with a beautiful, natural banana fibre detail: this was one of the very first Olie product I ever styled with and I still heart this piece.

As for the wee lamp from Olie’s Kolam collection, it found a perfect home on my new study table. I absolutely dig how they interpreted this ancient Tamil art form that’s done by the ladies of the house infront of their door morning and evening to welcome luck and prosperity, into their modern range. A minimalist take on a very intricate and gorgeous form that’s rooted and yet stunningly fresh and modern.

Loved the cushions in navy too 😉 Olie, that’s a hint.

Olie Edited

If you want to grab a few of these, here is the link.

And just because I can, I turned the palette around in my home one good day and styled the Olie Cloud collection with a few vintage pieces and an Indian throw. Added a macrame plant holder in place for a wall art and it seemed to open up a whole new decor possibility. A little whimsical, a little dreamy, and perhaps a space for one if you please. The Cloud basics seems to quickly take to its new surrounding.


And oh, right now, I have them up with a few greys, indigo shibori and an ikkat print and it seems to be friends with them too! Now that is what I’d call a true, versatile basic. Check this out!


Ah, Olie, you nudge the home foof queen in me

And my help is absolutely speechless as to why my home is looking different everyday! But I read her concern: Am I going to put all of the previous day’s cushions to wash then? Oh man, extra work.
Haha, well maybe I won’t or maybe I will if hormones take over me and bring out my alter ego but one thing is for sure- Olie sure knows how to extraordinary and bring out amazing home decor possibilities.

Till I find another palette to use them in,
The girl is signing off.

P.S. If you are interested in a travelogue, I will be blogging my travel in the Himalayas soon. So, yeah stay here bruh 🙂

Off xo

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