Well, it all started with a plan of making banana bread and all that came out of the oven is this! Ye, ye, I know that the two names kind of don’t sound like they can be made from the same ingredient or even rescued to form the other but this is what happened. Listen to this. A series of tragedy.

Unusual disappearance of the banana shop 

I don’t know how familiar are you with vendors but we are. We have a small fruit market 2 blocks away from my home and I love to pick my fruits from here as these are locally grown, are fresh and cheaper than it’s mall version. Strangely enough, when I was brimming with the thought of making banana bread, I found the banana vendor is missing. There are apples, pomes, grapefruit- oh, ask and you shall receive but bananas. What? No bananas in India? Here everyone go bananas. Disappointment begins.

Holy s**t, nature’s gone perfectionist. Not a banana to be found black n bruised 

How often do you come across a fruit market where there are no old n bruised bananas? Often. Wrong. Never. Finally after walking a zillion mile when I found a fruit shop with some bananas, the shopkeeper happily showed me how tight and edible and fresh those bananas are and that they would stay for atleast 7 days. Yeah, thanks. Just what I needed. Fly, you fool.

Walnuts: What nuts? You nuts?

Shame be upon me that I forgot the local word for walnuts. Result: I was explaining walnuts to the local grocery shopkeeper in a manner that almost crossed the line of vulgarity. “AKHROT”. If you are ever in India and want walnuts in a small grocery shop, incase the mall’s far away and the nearest supermarket is closed, that’s what you ask for. Oh please! I mean small grocery shop. Rest of India knows what a walnut is, so don’t get wrong ideas.

Mood swings: Eff it. I am going straight home

For all those who think I am a very sweet girl, thank you 🙂 I am. But that does not change the fact that I am also very easily irritated, I get bored very easily and worst, I have temper. So, after all this, you can imagine why I decided to head straight home.

When life hands you lemons

Disgusted, irritated and everything you can associate with sheer disappointment, I went home and poured myself some water over ice and decided to add a slice of lemon. And no sooner did I have a sip, than the citrus goodness worked on me. Eureka moment: What if no banana bread with tea as visualized. How about some lemon and honey teacakes!!! Move aside you bananas, you can go be happy with your monkeys ‘coz I’m indulging myself into some pulp affection.

Here’s the ingredients

Self rising Flour: 1 cup

Lemon Juice: 1 large

Lemon Rind, grated: 1/2 teaspoon

lemon essence: 1/2 teaspoon

Honey: 2 tbsp

Castor Sugar: 2/3rd cup

Eggs: 2 large

Vanilla extract: 1/2 teaspoon

Salt: 1/4 th teaspoon

Mix the wet ingredients first with sugar, slump the flour followed by salt and bake for 15-20 minutes or until the top is browned.

Enjoy with a cup of rich coffee and get so over ecstatic that the only time you want to take one good photograph of yourself, you end up striking a funny pose and also blur them. Here is an example of course!

Have a great weekend!

26 thoughts on “Trumatter One Bowl Cake recipe: Lemon & Honey Tea cake”

  1. I’m sorry you had such a bad day! You’ve inspired me to make my favourite “low fat” banana/chocolate bread! Yum…your lemon cakes look awesome! What is lemon essence? Is that like buying vanilla, only in lemon?

    1. I’m so glad I inspired you! I was inspired by Sarah from abeachcottage. She is an amazing girl and her photos are fabulous as well 🙂
      Also, Lol…really? photographs can be really deceptive.

    1. Lol…I guess that’s what you do when you HAVE to do something. For me interruptions in baking renders me very daring. Or worse, dangerous. I might just make key lime pie, just because I couldn’t bake banana bread, forgetting that I have dinner to cook!

  2. I am Shocked as well!! No Bananas at the Vendors?! :O :O

    And i loved your narration of the “akhrot” story!! :D..But at the end..The Lemon cake looks so beautiful!!!

    1. Thank you moony! I kind of like this name. Is that alright if i write with this name?
      Btw, know how new bombay can become at times, right?

  3. I’m sorry about your day but since it resulted in me getting this recipe, I’m not so sorry. I love easy things like this and lemons will soon be in season here!!

    1. Haha! Well, yeah. It was worth it EOD. And yes, you can also try this with oranges or pretty much any citrus fruit. I love dump and go recipes.

  4. No banana’s? That’s weird, bananas are always a go to fruit. I love banana bread, but this Lemon Honey Tea cake looks pretty delish. Wish I could pick a slice off the screen would so hit the spot right now. Wishing you a happy Thanksgiving, and thanks so much for sharing at Sunday’s Best!

  5. Lovely self portrait. As for the bruised bananas – well, yes, you have to buy them and leave them for a while so they bruise and blacken all of their own accord… I find they do it without any help from me, whether I want them to or not! But lemon cake is lovely too. Hope you enjoyed. And now I recommend a hot bath with lavender to calm you down. 🙂

    1. Merci! I wanted it to be a good one but me in front of the lens is that. Funny Jane. You know, generally when I have nothing to bake I see bananas everywhere, bruised black sick looking…anything. But by some twisted game of fate when I want something I dont find it.

      Oh and you will not believe this. I just bought myself a vial of lavender oil. It is sooooo relaxing.

  6. It’s awesome that you turned your funk around and went with lemons. I love lemon cake (I even have a lemon vanilla body spray that smells so delicious). Thanks for sharing at Sunday’s Best =)

    1. Thank you Andrea! Yes, I find it very apt to do fun en telechy with moods. Come on…we gotta be happy. Sharing at Sunday’s best again.

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