Fancy skinny dipping into a tub full of fresh sandalwood oil and rose? I most certainly do. A homemade bath salt recipe was all I was waiting for! I found this recipe in Wendy’s blog, Herballisticgarden and I knew I had to get my hands smelly (in a good way) with essence and sea-salt. The result you ask? It’s unbelievable. Looks like store bought plus homemade ingredients makes it even more organic, plus this is  brilliant gifting solution- imagine in essence of seabreeze, lavender, Lilly of the valley and of course, cocoa and vanilla. Mine is sandalwood and rose petals.

Why Sandalwood for me

Pure sandalwood oil is known for its healing and therapeutic properties and is one of the most effective skin hydrating natural solution known to mankind. A drop of sandal wood in a teaspoon of water if rubbed on cracked & chapped skin brings instant healing, which means it is an elixir for ageing skin (Yeah, I’ll touch 30 in a couple of years and it’s good to start early).

Plus, sandalwood is also a natural toner that can be used on both oily and combination skin; believe me the result is stunning and I could only mention a few from its vast uses. In a word, let’s just say I simply had to use this magic potion from my very own country that produces one of the best sandalwood oils in the history of sandalwood.

What you’ll need:

Sea Salt: About 2 cups

Orange Food color: 3-4 drops

Pure Sandalwood Essential oil: 1/2 teaspoon (This will be expensive but buy the expensive one)

Rose petals, chopped: of one rose (Fresh or dry- you decide)

I did not include borax or plain salt though you can.

In a glass bowl, add everything except the color, and toss. Now, add color and toss again.

And now you are officially ready for a beauty bath.

P.S: Ahem, sandalwood is also an aphrodisiac. Know what I mean and where I’m headed?


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21 thoughts on “DIY: Sandalwood and Rose Bath Salts”

    1. Oh of course, how could I not! You wouldn’t believe the DIY itch I had when I first saw this in your blog. And it really turned out lovely. Thanks for the recipe.

  1. Hi Rukmini Roy! I feel silly talkin’ to you here, but I can’t reply to you in my inbox because your email says “[email protected]”… Do you know why?

    Thanks so much for your comment on my Table! I like you…yur funny! Oh, and I so love the adjective, “bloody”! Can a girl from VA get away with using it….hmmmm….not sure….

    1. Hi Gwen, well, I’m not sure why ‘coz people do reply to me at their own blogs. I’ll have to send an email to wordpress about the issue it seems.

      Well, bloody is actually a swear word, ethically, but “bloody brilliant” would be extraordinary. So, maybe you can get away with it…but “peep” it if you’re not sure. Lol. Btw, you can call me Rukmini.

  2. If you are not even thirty and need a small amount then I need a bucket of it for my old skin! ha ha. I bet that smells good. Thanks for sharing at wow. One favor, could you switch the wow featured button on your sidebar for my regular wow party button. I don’t think I have featured you?

    1. Okay, hahahahaha….this is really embarrassing. I am so sorry Kim. I will change it immediately. And no you have not featured me…and thank you so much for reminding me. Till now I had no clue that was a featured button. I work in a digital agency you see…I have real banner blindness.

  3. Gorgeous! I am so going to do this! I adore sandalwood! Now off to look at Wendy’s blog too. Thanks Rukmini! 😀 Janice. x

    1. I knew you would. I totally did.

      Wendy in her blog has done amazing bath salts with lavender and rose. She has infact whipped up lip balm as well. When I saw that, I knew i had to try it.

      Believe me, it’s so worth it.

  4. Thank you for visiting my blog. I never even knew you could make your own bath salts. This must just smell heavenly. Sorry it took me so long to return a visit. Hope you have a lovely weekend.

  5. Such a lovely place you have here. So many pretty things to see and learn. I love this idea for bath salts. If I am able to give it a try I will let you know! 🙂

    Kindly, Lorraine

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