Hello and Welcome to my first post on trumatter’s new website! (Doing a little dance) After days of down, here it is up and running and hopefully would run for sometime without me having to call the entire tech universe. Let’s say yayyy!

It’s a custom with us Bengali peeps to celebrate everything good with food and I couldn’t say no to tradition, this time can I? Especially when something like this happens. So what you’ll add an inch to your waist: sharing happiness has to be in the form of a good homemade pizza with crisp winter-y flavors roped in. No?

trumatters pizza 2But I promise there’s only a light sprinkle of mozzarella and not a generous dump of it! Lately I have been taking some steps towards the word called ‘healthy’ and slowly trying to find substitutes to tasty, fat laden food. Unbelievable that I would even talk about the word ‘healthy’. For the longest time, in my dictionary, it was taboo. I had no inclination towards living healthy and getting skinny, and I enjoyed my bacon with a sunny side up. But lately when my skin started to show signs of ageing, drying and worse, rashes. Now, much as I am ‘least bothered’ about health, I am bothered about my skin. I had beautiful, even skin- if not fair- and it came as a nasty shock when a skin specialist told me, ‘you must cit down on the oils’. So yeah!  This pizza generally packs a lot of cheese but when you are brushing 30’s and you are heartbroken you should find alternatives!

trumatter pizzA 4Fresh bell peppers, roasted tomatoes, beautiful shallots and a homemade marinara sauce brings in the punch while golden pan fried chicken and fresh chives adds in the deep wintery comfort food feeling: I wish I could spray an essence of winter for you, as you read pizza recipe, like heston but unfortunately I’d have to count on my words to do that for you. What is the taste reminiscent of? close your eyes and think of snow, hot chocolate, holidays, curling up on the sofa with a good movie while a warm smell of basil, chives, roasted veggies, chicken and cheese fills the air. This gives you that kind of a feeling!

trumatter pizza 3

I know lot of you who read me stay in places which have already had its first brush of snow, and its starting to get a bit chilly in here too. Thought this would make the perfect thing to share and celebrate the recent good things happening in my life and bring in the spirit of winter.  Let’s get to the recipe then? Also, this serves two, you can halve the ingredients or double it as per your requirement.


Pizza base – 2

Marinara Sauce: 1 tbsp + 1 tbsp

Butter: 1 tbsp, melted

Cubed pepper: 1 cup and 1/2

Pan Fried Chicken: Cubed 1 cup

Mozzarella: grated, 1/2 cup

Fresh Onion Chives: 4-5 leaves

Shallots, chopped: 1/2 cup

Pizza seasoning: 2 tbsp/ according to taste


How to make pan fried chicken

Rub chicken breasts with salt and pepper. Add on Shallow fry in a pan until golden on the sides.

Cool and cut inn cubes

How to roast tomatoes

Drizzle tomatoes with salt and pepper and roast in the oven for 15 minutes at 200. You can also roast them in the pan. Keep aside.

Brush the pizza with butter and slather marinara sauce.

Add in fresh bell peppers, cut roasted tomatoes and chicken

Top with cheese and add pizza seasoning

Bake at 180 for about 5-7 minutes, or until the cheese is bubbly.

trumatter pizza 5



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