Hello, Hello and more hellos to you on a beautiful Sunday morning: get your coffee or wine (it might be Saturday night for some of you) for we are talking amazing decor hacks that are practical, inexpensive and absolutely multipurpose! Yes, multi-purpose.

So hows this Sunday morning treating you, those of you have seen the light already?

For me, it’s lovely November weather with a slight chill and partly cloudy sky, a walk and a smoothie I don’t like much. It’s green in color, has no taste and you can practically die drinking that, when your taste-buds are concerned but trust me when i tell you it’ll help taking away those beautiful handles from your waist and everywhere else, which you have so thoughtfully curated {from every street food there is} from over the years 😉 On that, later!

For now, here’s some stylish, inexpensive decor hacks for you which are not only practical but looks stunning too if styled properly. From ‘why is a teapot holding house plants’ to ‘wow, that’s a teapot holding houseplants’, believe me when I tell you, I got the lot. What first seemed as unpractical, unnecessary inclusions are now, ‘very trumatter’: so when I tell you these decor hacks are gonna work, these are gonna work! And I love decorating with them so, that over the years they’ve become some of trumatter’s signature centerpieces. These are also few of my favorite things…

Decor Hack

Teapots: One of my favorite things to decorate with! need a decor/ centerpiece quick fix? Choose a teapot and note its dominant colors. Get out your old books and choose a few (ideally 2 book high work best) which has covers in shades that’ll accent the teapot. Place the teapot on your book stack, add a raffia element and you are done! Or, get home a bunch of your favorite flowers and use your teapot to keep it instead of a vase! Use a two-book-stack and just place atop. Chic cannot get simpler.


Recycled Booze Bottles: next time your friends come over with a bottle of whiskey, save the bottle. Simply take away the labels, add a drop or two of lavender ink on modgepodge and brush the bottles with the paste. Let dry for about a day. Decorate with flowers as a centerpiece, Keep it by your window sill to get some amazing hues on your floor or simply group it with some sea-shells and a jute element. If you have aromatic diffusers, you can use these bottles with lavender essence and stick in the diffuser sticks. Your room will not only look super cool but also smell like a lavender farm in the south of France 😉

Collagedecor hack

Little Storage Trunks: Tin trunks are in and they scream beachy-vintage. They are my absolute favorite when it comes to storage + decor. Chits, Numbers, bits and pieces from the hall, number cards, pens, pencils, tissues: everything goes in there! you will find them in a jiffy and yet without having to show that ugly mess. Top it with a shabby chic vintage piece and some blue jars and you are the beach goddess!

decor hack 3

Door Knobs used as Bottle Stoppers: I love these porcelain door knobs. They are so versatile! Colored some Miller Ace beer bottles with my vintage blue tinge and studded one of these as stopper. A huge conch and simple flowers from my garden makes our center table piece. Typically, blue tinged recycled bottles and shells go very well with each other. Keep some handy 😉

Decor hacks 4

A Fish Bowl: You absolutely must have a fish bowl! One of the best decor hack of all times, you can use a fish bowl for keeping flowers, making rosettes of napkins and use it on your dining table, make a terrarium,  keep candies, and ofcourse, keep a gold-fish 🙂

Do you have a set of things that you love decorating with? I’d love to see. These little loves keep circulating in my house according to my foofing mood and can I tell you they are damn versatile along with being extremely cost effective. Just my kinda thang!

leaving you here for the day.

Toodles XO

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