Please tell me it’s not snowing at yours; it’s almost summer here. Lazy days, chilled beer, fresh juices, crisp salads, sunscreen, warm breeze, flip flops, tank tops, shorts, sea, nautical stripes, lemonade and air conditioner. All this not happening at yours? It is? Great, ‘coz I have the most perfect recipe to beat the heat in the most pink-chic way.  Of course we serve drinks according to cups and glasses- this story is the other way round! These cups called for the drink. Talk about crockery love!

On a recent trip to the nearest shopping mall- “More” is our “Target”, I found these lovely cups on sale. 2 for 2.99$. And here in begins the fun. I’ll give you the scenario in 10 minute time-intervals.

Note: All conversations are to “SELF”

11:10: Wow, pink fluted cups. Nice. very old school. “Should i?”

11: 20: Still in the same place, fiddling and thinking “Do you really need it?”

11:30: Walking off with discontentment. Had a nutribar- still unsatisfied

11:40: Dilemma swaying me like a pendulum

11:50: “You have way too many cups than required. Its fine, its just a darn good looking fluted pink cup. You’ll find it later”

12:00: Standing in the queue- pink cups still rattling my brain

12:10: F**k it. I want it. A girls gotta have what a girl’s gotta have”.  (sorry for the abuse, but i want to be completely honest here)

I kept the billing girl on hold, ran back and got these cups. The nutribar was such a waste. Believe me, nothing makes me happier than happy crockery.

Off came these beauties with me home.

For the first 5 minutes I simply stared at them wondering how beautifully fluted they are etc etc. The next half an hour went in shooting. Another thing that makes me real happy: Photography. I can do it endlessly- 24-7. And the final hours of appreciation went in drinking iced strawberry milk in it on a hot sunday afternoon. Why Iced strawberry milk? You’ll laugh at this. Because it will go with the color tone of the cup, which means more photographs. I love how I am, when i get to do my things!

Here’s the recipe:

Milk: 1 cup (I used low fat, you can use full cream)

Sugar: 2 teaspoon

Ice cubes: 8

Strawberry: About 10


In a blender, blend the strawberries with sugar to a pulp.

Add ice and blend it again.

Now, top with milk and beat on low for about 15 seconds.

Pour in chic-pink-fluted-ceramic cups and watch a movie!


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12 thoughts on “Fluted Pink Cups: What a girl must have this summer and Strawberry milk Recipe to beat the heat”

  1. Hahahaha! Here I sit…I’ve trying to get some projects done to “blog” about and you manage to enthrall me first thing in the morning with your blog about 2 pink mugs you bought for 2.99! Perspective is a wonderful thing! Awesome photography and I’m feeling a little cheerier than I did when I was awakened 10 minutes ago by my puppy whining to go out! Thanks Rukmini! xo wendy

    1. Haha…ya, I was very kicked about it.
      I’m having too much fun with my cam…seriously Wendy, I enjoy photography and its altered realities.

  2. i’d love to try this & enjoy a cup of strawberry shake with honey oat cookies *blissful*
    🙂 🙂

  3. Lovely photos, Rukmini. The recipe is lovely too – and so perfect for the cups! But we are not quite ready for iced strawberry drinks in these parts just yet! Spring is just about here. 🙂

    1. Ah! Well, maybe later in May? I’m a fan of strawberry milk or chocolate milk and not thick shakes. A lot of people actually don’t know the difference. What do you like? Thick shakes or iced milk?

      I’m having fun with photography btw.

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