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Miss Trumatter is going full swing- not even some nasty burns (yes, only I put partial frozen fish in very, very hot oil. Rohan wonders whether the idea is to fry the fish or to fry myself) could stop her from pulling off an IKEA knock off. Them tumblers have been nudging me for a zillion years now- Since the time I saw them on abeachcottage.com. Sarah, the very talented lady behind abeachcottage uses these in her kitchen to hold spoons, forks and ladles and on more than one occasions have I mentioned that I love her holders. I think I first heard it from her and also a little research told me that these guys are from IKEA- part of the POKAL series. Hmm….If you were me what would you have done next?

 Ya, totally right. You would have searched online for where in your city is the nearest IKEA showroom. I did the same too. But unfortunately its not only the city, to my shock, India do not have IKEA anywhere. Goly! No IKEA? Which means I will never be able to have those in my kitchen? No way. Off I went to “More”.

A very funny thing about “More” is, most of the old looking, vinatge looking stuff are always on discount. These guys didn’t get the “old-school-craze” thing or maybe the mass don’t. Often have I wondered as to why do they even get them when they always have to put it on sale? The answer is I think there is one vintage loving, hidden somebody behind the “More” administration department who loves all things vintage but knows that the mass wont like it. And she/he is impressed by me, what I choose and my likes who happens to constitute only 15% of their customers. So, that somebody quietly sneaks in a couple of vintagey looking things in their listing while stocking up, so that the ignored 15% can get their decor and crockery dope. A possible theory. These things happen right? They follow the ignored and quietly acts as a perpetual Santa? Well anyway, if you are the person and you are reading this, show yourself and I might just invite you for dinner.

When I went to “More” last Sunday, something told me I’d get something done. Yeah, right was I me friendlies for look what I found. 6 of them for 200 INR or 4$. “Not bad…not bad”, thought I and sang a song:

“I’ve noticed you around

I find you very attractive.

Umm..would you go to *home* with me?”

Same shape, same flutes but clear glass. Even better! Room for experimentation.

Nah, I stuck to old whites.

I came home and washed them in warm soap water and let them dry.

Next, I painted them in 2 coats of old white and 1 coat of clear varnish.

A night of free standing and voila!

A successful rip off: 6 glasses for 3£ when each glass in Ikea costs 1.69£.

How it looks? See for yourself!


Im patting my back and beating my own little drum. Joining me or what?

Have a good day!

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23 thoughts on “IKEA Tumbler Knockoff: Pokal Series or so I found out!”

    1. Thank you Wendy! Seriously, I have this “got to have it” disease. But its time I tamed it a lil. Or maybe not… 😛 To yearn is to live.

    1. Oh me! Glad I could wrap it in 3. Apart from the fact that it is made of opaque glass, aesthetically, I find no difference in the ones I made and the ones from Ikea.

  1. They look exactly like Ikea’s but better since they are so less expensive. Great knock-off project. Would never have thought to paint and seal them like you did, but truly they look identical. So cute, great job. So pretty! Thanks for sharing you creative inspiration at Sunday’s Best.

  2. Please share brand and type paint and varnish you used💃🏻

    Would luv to try for myself!

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