Sage It With Love Country Stripe Cushions


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Think of an idyllic, balmy summer afternoon where you have a little time to yourself for your books or recipes. Your garden looks good, your hands are happily sore and you clutch a cushion close to you to relax. Our Sage It With love country stripe cushion belongs right there, in that moment. But then again, they will never go wrong in a formal setting either. That’s the beauty of stripe isn’t it? Pair it up with jacquard or velvet or pair it down with solids and linens- the result is always extraordinary

We particularly like the piped details!

DELIVERY- 10 to 12 days, via chosen courier. We will email you once your order is shipped

  1. Size: 16”, 18” and 20”. Pick!
  2. Material: Cotton
  3. Washing and care: Machine wash

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16/16 INCH, 18/18 INCH, 20/20 INCH


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