This is a planters list you want to bookmark and here are all the information you’d ever need about the planters in my house! Welcome to Trumatter and this ‘where is that from’ is becoming a thing in here!

Not that I mind because what’s happiness if not shared. I would totally take my terracotta planters to say hi to yours and have tea and talk about how they’re behaving. I am that kind of a girl and these are those kind of things where you go all out and make things into a public service announcement because you want every one to have access to good design, good plants and thereby a good life. So yeah, please feel free to ask me anything you want!

Okay, coming to the planter question, I buy all my planters from Bhoomi Exotica Nursery- a lovely {and huge} plant nursery on Thane-Belapur road in Navi-Mumbai. They have the most unreal collection of plants and planter and I love them. I have been making rounds in there for about 4 years now {and my dad in law also makes it a point to pick his stash up from there} and these guys are my No.1! I have now developed a strange relationshiop with them where I drop in my rosemary cuttings and fiddle leaf fig and ask them to grow them for me or give them some sun! After years of nursery rounds, you get that kind of liberty. So if you are in and around Navi-Mumbai, start your rounds now! BUT…if you are not, I have also gone through a few {read about a good 3 hours} websites to find out places online that sell my kinda planter- simple, organic in its make and all au natural! And a few planter gems that have caught my attention and might come to my home soon. Ready?

The Ultimate #TrumatterStyle Planter buying list

Offline. In Mumbai

1. If you are looking for terracotta and glazed planters in Navi-Mumbai, here is where I buy them from. Look for Bhoomi Exotica nursery on Thane Belapur road. Here’s their website if you’d like directions. Ask for Aman, and tell Kadam has referred. Haha, so gangsta. Aman, Kadam. Remember my name. Haha. Cant stop


1. If you are looking for terracotta planter online, I have found out that this place called Mashrita sells them online. But needs a minimum order of 1000 rupees. Here’s the link They also have a lovely collection of geo concrete planter options which are smashing. Find them here

2. The wishing chair! Count on them for really cute planters and here’s my favourite from their list which is coming home. Find it here

3. Buy these French look alike planter(s) that are 100% #TrumatterStyle! Go to my Amazon storefront and you’ll find it all! Here’s the link

By the way, did you know, you can DIY planters too? From old mugs and shoes and what not? But that’s for another post. For now, here’s your planter dope. You and your plants stay fly aite?

An episode of Ozark + Hot chocolate {while the cold lasts} and then sleep. What you guys upto? Muzu is snoring near me by the way. I often go close and creepily watch him sleep. And I do that to my plants too! So creepy.

Okay, off.

Nighty night!

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