Morning y’all. How’s it going at yours? looks like this parched little place will have its first glass of rain today.

Such a relief will it be if it does ‘coz its 43 degrees here and its killing us. To top, we are also having frequent power cuts. Argh, so not ideal. Where you at summer halter tops and tank dresses?

I dont know if I have told you all before but power cut makes me very creative. Lol, yeah, you heard me right, it does. The last time there was a 5 hour power cut, I transformed my entire wardrobe with paint and fabric. You can read all about it here. So you know where I am getting at right?

Last Sunday was a power-cut-a-thon. It just flew every after 40 minutes or so and stayed for about a couple of hours straight, everytime- obviously, with no TV, music playing (which plays all the time) and no internet, I tried reading a book. But hey Joe, this aint that country where you have “balmy” summer afternoons. Its straight away ticket to hell. Finding it hard to concentrate I thought of changing into something light. Guess what? All I see is formals.

Cut to

I’m digging the huge plastic bag that’s supposed to go poor children. And guess what I find?

A beaten-with-age tee and some scrap fabric. Ah! My dear old purple tee, how I love thee. How could I give you away. I decided to do “something” with my old wardrobe flame. Flew in scissors and fabric glue.

Oh and btw, in endeavors such as this I dont feel hot. I feel alright. Infact, I dont feel pain, hunger, cold or anything related to feelings when I am onto a DIY project. It and it solely controls my sensory and autonomous.

Here I am wearing the discarded plain tee which is now a chic top.

Let’s have a quick word on what you’ll need:

A tee


fabric glue

a piece of fabric, atleast 1/2 a meter long

Here’s the tutorial.

You can see the tee in all its faded glory here! Lol.

Basically, cut the sleeves and secure the ends with fabric glue first. Let it dry for about 5-7 minutes before proceeding onto the next level. I wanted a boat necked effect, you can cut according to the kind of sleeve you like…or simply ruffle your plain tee up.

Next, cut your scrap fabric into a long strip, the height of which you can decide depending on how long would you like your ruffle to be and secure the loose ends with fabric glue. My scrap fabric already had it hemmed on one side so I skipped this part.

Once the strip of fabric is dry, form the ruffles.

I formed the pattern on the neck first and secured every ruffle to its succeeding fold with fabric glue so that I can have a ruffled strip, ready to be attached when its dry. (You can see this step in the picture above)

Once the ruffle was dry, I placed it on the neck of the tee and secured the unstitched end: I overlapped the tee collar with the ruffle.

Let it dry for about an hour and you are ready to flaunt your brand new ruffled tee that’s perfect for summer


Roy XO

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17 thoughts on “DIY: No Sew, Ruffled Summer Top Tutorial”

  1. You are so much like me! Love what you did to that tee. I’ve beheaded and chopped off at least 5 tees(all belonging to the husband 😀 … I love the loose fit in this heat) this summer.
    Another is going to be on the block now coz I just so love this frill. But I love to sew … to while time I’d rather sit and hem than run the machine once. 🙂
    Way to go Rukmini … waiting for more. 🙂

    1. Hahahaha….chopped and beheaded. That sounds like me for sure! But unlike you, I’m a destruction when it comes to needle and thread. So glue is my weapon.

      I’d love if you try this one. And if you do, be sure to come and let me know. 🙂 Im so happy to see you here.

    1. Hahaha..yes yes, take ’em out. snip-a-zap and you’ll end up with brand new tees you’d love to flaunt. This is my new obsession. Foofing with old tees. 😛

    1. Laura, after reading your post, I do now think that maybe I could have done something similar to mine. Fabulous tutorial. But again, I am a sewing disaster so dont know whether with my “fabric glue” I can achieve such a beautiful look. But I am going to try this 🙂 So gung-ho on this top of yours.

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