Morning o’ faithful of Trumatter. How is your day looking? It’s been a while that the premium electrician took on a project and after a series of tees and makeovers I thought it was time to enlighten ourselves with some wine bottle chandelier (the wine will enlighten you as well) in my beachy little apartment.

So, while you are spreading your mulch, I’m giving junk my best hand. Behold, we have wine bottle chandelier on the house this week.

Last Saturday we had a small jamming and photoshoot/video session in our living room, a national radio station for international music called myopus radio wanted to make us the “Big Fish” or the featured artist of the month. Clearly a lot of beers and wines flowed and when amongst everything I wanted to keep the super cute wine bottles, that our friend @wastedramblings got who also plays drums for Colaba Point, they called me “bhangarwali”- which means trash collector from the streets. Haha…I knew the looks would change once I made what I wanted to. Rohan Kadam didn’t give me any looks. He is too used to this magnificent transformations (Beat you self drum, beat)

Once everything was over, I cut the bottles with yarn, the tutorial of which you can find here and spray painted them with ocean blue. I sprayed them unevenly and little rustic. You can be the miss perfect. Next, I tied them to one another with rope and waited to put in the fairy lights.

I cut the wine bottles from the base but you can also do without it. It will not make a difference.

How to tie the fairy lights

1. measure the length in which you have tied the bottles

2. make 3 clusters (since I had 3 bottles) keeping in between the length of the wire that will be twined with the rope

3. Now start from the bottle below and gradually go up. Put the clusters in the bottle and entwine the lenth of the fairy lights in between with the rope

4. ask your electrician to help you connect it to a wire and hang it from the ceiling

This is how it looks st night!

Cool, right?

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17 thoughts on “DIY: Beachy Wine Bottle Chandelier”

  1. Hey girl! You have been a busy lady! I am loving all your ideas, how cool are those bottles and that shirt in your previous post! Love it! I hope you are doing well, I am around, just not blogging much lately but I see your beautiful posts. 🙂

    1. Hello there! I have been, I have been…Ive been on a DIY spin lately! So good to hear that you take out time to check this space…I keep checking yours for posts…just in case you do!

    1. Wendy, yes, it would be great for the porch or patio…In fact we were thinking of making a couple for our balcony…You know, if you have trees in your garden, the big ones, maybe you can hang them from the branches… They’ll look very dreamy

  2. I was talking only at the weekend about your ‘thermal shock’ wine bottle cutting technique remembered from physics lessons! This looks wonderful! Well done!

      1. Well we went away for the weekend, and I left Son Number 2 with detailed instructions for cooking porridge for the dog. First he confused porridge with muesli. Then he kept adding too much water. The dog never did get any porridge. I don’t know how he would fare at thermal shock bottle cutting! ;-/

        1. Hahaha, I have a feeling he will do really well with the latter. I dont know if this is true but men and cooking don’t seem to go together. I remember my dad’s egg curry, we actually thought we’d have to wear our swim suits and try finding the eggs from the “somewhere in there” he was talking about.

  3. looks really cool i think you should start a store or sell such stuff coz people like me would like to own something like that and if i DIY it, It will really turn out to be a disaster 😛 😛

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