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Today we have an exciting post on the house- Please welcome Debjit Nandy of Yesgrid.com who has kindly offered to be Trumatter’s sponsor for all things stationery and have allowed me to spread a word!

A fantastic website that you stationery connoisseurs and accessory addicts will lap up, fast and easy, Yesgrid.com is India’s first and largest, dedicated online stationery shop- yeah you’ll just need to type Yesgrid and you’ll be redirected to a one stop shop that takes care of all your stationery needs! Who wanted this to happen real, bad? I did. I’ve seen people in forums do. I know you have done.

In this world, where we hardly get time to do essentials, and those of us who stay away from the main city, it is criminal to waste 5 hours of travelling time (unless you really want to) to buy stationery. Worst case scenario: the trouble is often not worth it for most stationery shops, when you need a thing the most, is out of stock. Imagine the disappointment? Yesgrid.com puts a stopper to pretty much all the stationery angst that we all have been through! What do you say then working mom of 3 and busy homemakers?

Best part is they also cater with accessories, educational books, classroom furniture, all kinds of supplies and e-peripherals. A great effort put to action, there is nothing as comfortable as to get your supplies within the comforts of your home, packed and delivered. No need to make a list and save it for month beginnings, there is no need to curse yourself for forgetting to buy washi tapes, there is no reason to reluctantly slip on your shoes and walk the stationery aisles on Sunday morning. Grab a coffee and get all you need under one roof!

A little on what’s in store for us!

Catering with 4 broad sections- stationery, accessory, education and e-peripherals, Yesgrid houses a premium range of Pens, Journals and Leather Folders/Files, office stationery, office desksets, classroom essentials, classroom furniture, folders and even bags. If you specially share a love for pens, you’ll find Yesgrid really handy- from liners and ball point to gel inks and nib pens; from a price range of INR 45 to a good stretch of INR 85,000. Know what ‘am sayin’? You’ll have an array of options open infront of you with brands like Sheaffers, Waterman, Fisher and likes!

Next best- a dedicated section for artists, replete with colors and stationery, and yes they stock STAEDTLER ( writing, colouring, drawing instruments and modelling/polymer clays.) My artist friends, if you are reading this, don’t forget to thank me! Yes, mom, you too!

Am I getting a bit carried away? Well, don’t blame me. This store kind of makes you go woozy! And before I go any further with my very own word-monstrosity, I’ll make way for Debjit Nandy from Yesgrid.com.

A team of passionate individuals pursuing a mission of bringing world class stationery, accessories and educational products at everybody’s doorstep.

What is the name of your online store?

What do you sell in your store?
All kind of Stationery , Fine Arts Products, Classic and Elegant Pens. Our other categories includes Accessories comprising of premium mobile, laptop , ipod covers , cases holders & bags. In education we have good collection of pre-school, new age learning, secondary education and professional learning books/cd. In our e-peripherals category we sell all kind of e-essential. To sum it up yesgrid is your trusted partner for your journey from “Nursery to Boardroom”

How did the idea for your store come about?
A market in India which is slated to grow at 30% CAGR, hitting 15 billion USD by 2015 , complemented with the thought of being able to touch, impact and serve millions of Indians , was too big an opportunity to ignore.Our founding team started looking out for areas and we discovered “stationery and office needs” as a category is not being well served via online medium. A simple search on stationery in India was not pointing us to a ‘one-stop-shop’ site.

Who is your key customer?

 Anybody from age 2 (their parents J ) to age 100.

 How do you make it easy for your online customers to buy from you?

1) We have the largest range in stationery, online

2) Our coordinated efforts make our delivery smooth and fast

3) We deliver on our committed timelines.

* Lot of our products are configurable products, which means you select the dimension, color, size, set, config for a particular product before buying it. For ex. If you want to buy , a classmate note book, you will have an option to choose a) number of pages b) type: ruled, single ruled, double ruled, square etc c) design d) sets. No other side provides this kind of options for stationery product.

* We list only branded products, so you get 100 % genuine products, delivered right at your doorstep

Do you sell in person or in a physical store as well?


List your current most popular products.
Lots of them, to name a few

1)      Pens ( We are adding another 7 international brands in coming weeks)

2)     Leather Diaries/Notebooks/Journal

3)     Fine Art Products (Camlin, Faber Castell, Daler Rowney, Cretacolor, Staedtler, Fabriano) and shortly we might be able to bring few selected range of Winsor Newton for our artist friends.

4)     Products of SOLO, Deli & Trio

5)     In accessories, our laptop bags, grid-it organizers, travel blue foldables, iphone covers are good selling items. Recently launched iskin-ducati bags were complete sold out.

6)     In education, ikenproducts , Amar Chitra Kathas, dreamland books are good pullers along with our products for CBSE/State Board Learning CDs.

7)     E-Peripherals the usual ones are routers , external hard drives and e-peripherals.

What’s next for your online store?
1) Stationery related services (visiting card printing, customized stationery)

2) Bring more world class stationery

3) Build further on our educational products.

Trumatter’s top 3 picks 

Ah! I had to be picky didn’t I? here are my 3 favorites with links and prices incase you want to grab them too!

To buy, click on the links below:

Kangaroo Rose pink vintage paper punch

Cretacolor Megaquatro water soluble pencils

Cocoon Lilac Organizer

Have a great week ahead full of crafts!!!


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