Morning ladies and you too, the men folk! I hope you all had a lovely weekend? Well, I for sure did! We jammed, ate, drank, did a bit of an adventure too- count driving at 80 in a road full of pot holes, the size o’ lakes and hunting restaurants at 2:30 for some food- but all in all, it was fun. We returned home at 7 in the morning and slept like a baby in my grey blanket. When I woke up at 3 in the afternoon, I knew it was time to, “Calm thyself child. Enough”. Although we had a party planned on Sunday, we had to can it. It was just not possible! Bed bound, I sat with my bucket full of coffee, watched TV and delighted myself with a wee craft instead. Something you all I think will likey.

So what do have here?

Yummy little blue coasters perfect for your beach home! Will you keep your glass of orange juice on it? YES. And then stare at it for a while too.

Robin’s egg blue and mid-century Swedish Line-art inspired paper-cuttings makes it perfect for my distressed whitewashed coffee table. Wonder why I never thought of painting things with Robin’s egg blue! It is definitely my new white!

Marching ahead…

How to make beachy coasters

You’ll need: loads of beachy blues, cute little cuttings, a base, some modgepodge, a sliver of sandpaper and a whole lot of patience! Can you deal with that? Yes? Read on.

I already had these coasters so I didn’t make them or anything from scratch but if you don’t have these, you can take two 8cm sq. wood ply- one you’ll keep plain and one you’ll cut into a frame. Please ask your husband, brother or the ply guy around your block to do it for you. If you are not up for so much trouble, just go to your local hobby store and pick up plywood coasters that are pre-made. You can color them, embellish them or whatever you like and it costs only 25 bucks INR. (Indian friends: You’ll get this in Hobby Ideas)

Someone gifted these to mom, who works in Ranbaxy and she didn’t like it so she passed it on to me. So basically thrown away stuff. Although I can’t really tell that it was bad or ugly, as a matter of fact some of you might even like the before since its very Indian, but it was not made for my home or my style. It was just not me. It had to change!

First off, I sanded the coasters down and tried to take the marble slab out from within and replace it with plane glass. Unfortunately it was fixed and seemed like if I do anything more to it, it’ll break. So I left it how it was (I’ll show you the before below)

Next I gave them 2 coats of Robin’s egg blue and let them dry for about a day (Mix 3 parts of blue to 1 part of green and 10 parts of white).

Third, I cut out a couple of line drawings from a Forbes special issue and stuck them on it with modgepodge. I didn’t do it face side down because I was scared rubbing it might rub off the emulsion from marble.

When it all dried up, I gave them another 3 coats of mattepodge, sanded the sides a little and called it a coaster.

Know what? I love how they turned out.

Here’s the before:

Ofcourse, mine were plane wood ones and not designed on the rim. But the lady was similar.Plus, I didn’t get the box. Someone decided to keep it and you know who!


Tell me what coasters you don’t like? What style really nudges you? Ironically, most Indian stuff and motifs do not appeal to me. But I like inlaid marble, tribal colors and terracotta. Or something I buy it off the local craftsmen in which case it finds a place in my home, purely on emotional grounds!

On another note…

One of these will be on my etsy shop, grace me with your presence! And next week, I’ll upload a whole lot of vintage stuff, so do check it out.

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14 thoughts on “DIY: Whimsical Beachy coasters in Robin’s Egg Blue”

    1. Oh, I didn’t blog about it I guess…but then you were with Peter Pan too! Although its in a very nascent stage rite now and there are lot of things that needs to be put up for sale but atleast I started it. Lets see how it goes…fingers crossed!

  1. these are precious, roy! what’s not to love? a little scandinavian charm, robin’s egg, function, beauty…btw, some goodies will be on their way incl. a sugary brooch.



    1. Ohhh!!!!!! What a sweet surprise!!! *birds chirping, blue butterflies in my stomach* I can’t wait to open the box and I LOVE BROOCHES. I was going to buy one off your etsy store!!! Wow!
      Will be eagerly waiting for a bag full of more lovely! You are one very, very, very sweet girl.

  2. They are very lovely. and love the color on the frames, a very beachy color! So very adorable! So glad you shared your creative inspiration with Sunday’s Best – your creativity helped make the party a success!

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