I made this chandelier a couple of months back and this has been a hot favorite since then. You can read about the making here. So, today I added a little fall touch to it: remember when life hands you lemons, bombard it with oranges. Specially when you have great friends (Michele, I owe you this) and the best man ever in your life who not only cares and shares but also happens to be your best friend  (yes, R, I am definitely talking about you, you mean the universe to me) who can help you through any thing.

*Coughs* Back to topic. I found this 2 feet long leaf garland at Dollar store for only 3$. I detached the leaves and simply studded the frame with it. Voila!

This piece is a part of my dining table decor: R gifted me these plates when I absolutely fell in love with them in Hypercity. So I stacked them with glass neutrals, scattered some leaves on top and added a couple of cinnamon sticks. It not only looks good with the entire brown tone but also smells amazing!

We all need some orange love, don’t we?

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4 thoughts on “Nifty Thrifty: Fall Decor in a Dime”

  1. It looks beautiful. Of course I remember the whole chandelier event – but a chandelier that you can dress up as the seasons change is even better! Looking forward to seeing what you do for other seasons and yearly events!!! The table setting looks great too. You are so full of energy!

    1. Believe me I needed to get up from that gloom. I was so ashamed Janice to have spoken likewise. This wasn’t me and I had never done something like that in my life. Thought some crafts would cheer me up.

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