Hola! How be you holding in your neck of woods and what are you all guys up to? We have emerged victorious from yet another drudgery filled week and methinks it’s time to reward our crafty selves with some DIY Clay Starfish Tutorial. Hop on if this brain vacay sounds good to you!

Good evening to those who are on this side of GMT {Well, Im having some bacon and eggs now at 5:51 PM..so..you know…can be called good morning too 😉 } and happy Saturday morning to those who are on the other. Choose your drink; put your home decor mode on, get your flipflops out and lets go on a nice long, beach inspired crafty ride. Yeah, I always make it sound like I am gathering some sort of army 😉

DIY Starfish Tutorial 2

For those of you who get starfishes and sanddollars on your beach, well, I am jealous of you guys. I love decorating with star fishes,sand dollars and sea treasures, and I love how versatile they are. A couple of them tied together with a string and you have the perfect front door alternative to wreath; or of course if you want a quick center piece for your nautical/ beach themed or even relaxed decor- just group a couple of starfish, shells of different sizes and floats in a wicker basket and you’re done. Turn them to place cards with a tag and a twine, turn them to curtain holders, or just simply stack some books and leave them on top. The possibilities of decorating with sea treasures are endless and the blog land will testify my statement with its plethora of ideas 🙂 Sad part is the only thing you find on the beaches of Mumbai are chippy shells and broken bottles. Clearly I had to fake it!

DIY Starfish Edited 5

Occasionally a good shell or two washes ashore but mostly its skunk. But then I am talking strictly Mumbai. If you head ahead a little towards Goa or towards Gujarat, you’d find a different beach story altogether. Sea glass, tiles, beautiful shells and translucent stones wash up the shore and makes you go silly and childlike! Haha, okay my love for all things sea, and the possible loony ness that comes with it {Read: Please give me a polythene, I want to take all of these home….”No..the car is going to stink”… No, I want them} is not really a secret. Hahaha, okay and also, for years I have subjected people and conditioned them to such beach-rag-picker-ness that I often get a piece or two from friends saying they specifically carried it all the way because it reminded them of how much I’d appreciate it.

Finally, a brand recall and finally something great to be remembered for.

DIY Starfish Edited 4I think more than once I have mentioned Ankur’s name in my blog so Im not gonna get to “a friend”. He actually found a stray starfish while we were on our trip to Goa and framed a story as to how he dived several feet under water and got out a star fish from its home. Yes, yes, we are all making legends, one star fish at a time. That one is my precious, simply by its virtue of being real 😀 And of course, what a risky dive it must have been.

CollageFor now, it’s faking it like a king babes..fakin’ it like a king.

Here’s how you make a starfish with clay {I used white mseal from Pidilite}

Collage Starfish Tutorial

Pretty simple if you ask me. The sand dollar needs a bit of telling and a small video.

The starting point is same…pinch out dime sized balls but this time, you will roll them to circles in between plastic sheets. Say about 3″ in diameter is just fine. Next, with a knife make cuts.

Note: Once you are done, let it dry within the plastic sheets. You can pull them once the clay is completely dry.

Once dry, smoothen the edges with fine grit sand paper and spray paint them white. Of course, you can spray paint them to gold or silver too which looks fabulous in a chic-beach setting. The choice is yours.


Once dry, group them as centerpiece: In my house, it’s done with stripe and putty and a whole lot of baby’s breath.

Sort of happy with the result. What do you think?

This is Saturday night, im signing off..Will mostly go and get some coffee stout before I die in that agony that Sunday is already here, which means Monday is on its evil heels. Tell me how you like it, drop in a word, it feels good to hear from y’all!


Roy XO

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