Hello! Just a quick note to let you know that we’ve got new Enamelware in the house! Yay-ish. Also, an address that’ll deliver enamelware right to your doorstep. Ya! i know..now I am talking right?

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You are laughing, arent you? Thinking how trivial this is a topic to blog about! I mean yeah I know-hush..hush..how will you know how difficult it is for us here to get hold of these…you all find it in garage sales and you have a plethora of shabby chic stores to pick these beauties up from. We here, will cut a throat {not that extreme maybe…just pressing is fine} to get some enamelware love, and on those rare times that you actually find one, you end up paying a bomb-a-bazooka-missile of a price. My readers here need this, like I needed it. Oh, boy, they’d dig this data.


Okay, before that, I do think that if you care to roam around in old Bombay, around crawford market, bhindi bazar, chor bazar you might get original vintage pieces. But I’m not one of those gully-hunting one so this is where I picked mine from, online! Best part is, he shows you the catalogue as to what is available- you can choose from it and also order. He is the¬†manufacturer, so the prices are right within your reach and ships them to you pretty quick too.

Contact For Enamelware:

Ask for Mr. R.K Bhatia


Ph: 0135-2722510 Mobile- 09319988286
e-mail: shakun_scientific@rediffmail.com




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