I am in Love. Yet again.

With Prussian blue and pristine white chipped enamelware

And I am falling head over heels, going topsy turvy.


And how could I not be lovesick for this vintage red and white, perfectly chipped little crock pot.

What makes this love even more strong? It is far. It is unavailable. It is out of my reach.

I can only wish for. Like I wish for a luxury yacht or Kate Middleton’s outfits. Umm, not that unreachable maybe!


*Sigh* How I love thee! Can I just take you from my screen? Life would have been so much easy.

I have been so tormented by these humble enameled beauties over the last couple of days that I was compelled to do a post.

Maybe I will whip up a plan to make some faux enamel decoratives. Just to calm this soul.

Necessity. Necessity.

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10 thoughts on “For the love of enamelware…”

  1. It’s pretty plentiful here. Can’t we find a cheaper way of shipping stuff to you? You’d better come for a visit and stuff your suitcase!

    1. Ah! Maureen, i really wish now i was living next door. I so want those chippy pots. Seriously, a trip to Canada must be made. But if I am around, be very sure I’ll stuff my suitcase.

    1. awww..aren’t you two just the sweetest. Thank you so much… i know they are plentiful in there, I see them everywhere in blogs..unfortunately here, its hard to find. And I’m in love with them. Only if I could go to Canada…

  2. Ah, Rukmini, you are forever in love with something or other!!! What you need is a trip to France. Enamelware is very French, but in a functional, down-to-earth, not a Parisian chic way. Can’t say I’ve noticed a lot of it here in recent home style trends. But then, as you know, I’m not really up to date with that sort of thing! We do have a couple of pieces that belonged to grandparents. Chipped too. I had no idea we were trend setters! 🙂

    1. Hahahaha, well yeah, look’s like it. It’s not too much in vogue here too but somehow I was always very fascinated by them. They look incredible, they are great to photograph and saw a couple of them at my granny’s too. But before I could claim, it was chucked. It was my uncle’s- he was given a set of mug and a plate when he was working for the force. I obviously thought they were very stylish as decorative elements or vases- so yeah, I always looked at it through Parisian chic glasses! You are right- maybe I need a trip to France. Or Canada 😛

      Wonder where those mugs went! Anything chipped and my folks think it’s not for use anymore. They find it really funny to see me moon over chippy enamelware or window panes. According to mum, “I’d not take it for free”.

    1. Ah Tammy! If only I could. Believe me if money were no object, I would have taken the next flight to yours and Maureen’s. I have been hunting for them all over the place but no one seems to keep anything old fashioned and vintage. They even laugh at me here when I ask for old enamelware. *sigh*

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