Morning Trumatter’s faithfuls. How’s it going at yours…Spring’s hit you balmy? In this side of the world, it’s summer extreme, though we are enjoying occasional shades- Another 2 weeks and we should be calling in the monsoons! I can’t wait to see the green hills and grass flowers. But till then I thought I’ll share  some pictures of our Sunday Brunch cart. Yes, this is the same bar cart that I reno’d. I think from now on I will use it as a food cart. That reminded me, how about I do a short post on how to give that cart its look!

I don’t know if there was ever a problem with you all to “get the look” but I had a major row with getting the feel in a setting. That is of course, until I realized that the lesser, the better. Plus a few more things that I’ll talk about.

This Sunday, me and Rohan thought of delighting ourselves in some Grilled Tuna, Fresh Salad with vinaigrette, baked beans on toast, poached eggs and cheese bread. There was white rum and guava punch and coffee too. Ideally, I would have done this post with the recipe for Grilled Tuna but I just changed my mind. Decor is what I want to talk about for I’m blogging from my swank new 29,000 square feet office that has “awesomely” lit corridors. Haha, the first thing I liked about this space is it has white walls, pastel green and blue moodboards, white fittings, recessed lighting and 3 attached huge terraces that overlooks hills. That’s it, I’m happy, whether or not I like to work. Back to point.

The Look

It was Sunday. Mid-Summer. Brunch. So, what are the 3 things I need to think about from a photographic angle? Color of your food, color of your cart, layering and pairing. You see a lot of food looks really good because of the props that has been used to accent the mood. For example, if you are serving yogurt popsicles that are pink in color, you’d like to keep the background either white or in accents of pastels. Or if you are very bold, contrast colors. Being me I would like a bit of blue, orange, straw and neutral. So, it’s very important to note the colors of the food being served before doing the whole thing.

The Style

Once the color is sorted, jump to the feel you are trying to achieve. Parisian, Country, Rustic, Indian, mid-century, Classic: You need to fix up a style. I opted for country/summer/lazy Sunday. See the layered hand painted plates in browns worked with plain glass and a hint of yellow. The yellow highballs add to the soft palette.

The Accents

The next thing is accents, and you know how crucial a role it plays in home decor. Because I chose country, I opted for a single wildflower in my old milk bottle and a towel in white with bright citrus prints of kitchen utensils. I think that itself pretty much completed the look. Now, if I would have wanted a beach look, I would have added some shells, some glass floats and most importantly would have added glasses that were light blue or a bit decorative- mostly short stemmed. And of course white flowers thrown in a bunch. Again for a country-rustic look,  i might have added a tin can with some Calendula. Just a bit of foofing here and there.

Since my food cart was white and blue, I added some salads on the shelf below to give some pop of color and salted cherries on my poached eggs to work the whole thing out. It’s all playing with colors actually. Strike it right and even the most gross tasting food will look good. Maybe I should try and sell okra to Rohan. Through Photographs obviously!


Too much of something is never good and nothing gets your undivided attention. Plus, it’s very important to not clutter your food cart or setting with accents as that might not be very functionally pliable. Just keep it at hints and that’s it.

Anything of use from this post? Would love to know.


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14 thoughts on “Summer Styling: Food and Foodcart”

  1. You really do have an eye for detail, and you photography is always outstanding. Thanks for sharing the tutorial, it’s great, and I always need all the help I can get!

  2. It all looks very pretty. I have never even heard of salted cherries. You definitely have an eye for the details and the little accents.

        1. No, they are proper cherries, the sweet ones but these weren’t ripe enough. And also a little less juicy. So, I paired it with sea salt to go with our eggs and it tasted quite nice…

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