Happy Saturday to you all and I am trying very hard to not say Hello.

How you been crafting and hoola-hooping? I am back with my original, authentic all white transmission and boy it is good to be back. White to me feels like home. My little home by the giant creek.

Anywho. Remember I talked about a couple of furniture that Rohan’s mom gifted me? Some hand-me-downs? This crate was one of them. I know you are trying very hard to figure where exactly is the crate but you shall see soon. It’s not a wine crate from the company but a crate custom made with solid wood for keeping wine bottles/or above the refrigerator. They had a big wine shop and this was a part of the accessories. Clearly, I was all La-La about it when i got my hand on it. But I didn’t want to use this wine crate as a planter or even a shelf.

My drawing room had a seating arrangement with a cabinet in between two chairs which we often used to use it as our weekend dining area. It’s bang opposite Rohan’s big a** monitor in which we relish good and bad movies. Plus my magazines needed a dedicated place.

I dont know why but I took the crate and placed it atop the tiny waist length cabinet and voila. It fits perfectly like it was meant to be together. Aww! You my wine crate is becoming a storage/table. And you are also getting a whitewash like everything else in this house. Come on you then!

I gave it one coat of old white and then dipped a brush in turpentine and brushed on top of it. I wanted lines in it.

Now, I have seen dedicated tools to give your tables that cottage look but i didn’t have one handy. So, if you dont have that “special tool” handy, here’s what you do:

Take a stiff brush

Dip it in turpentine

With your hand pull the bristles apart a bit

And drag it through your fresh paint.

It gives a very nice effect to the whole thing that do not stand tall on your face but is subtle and full of texture. Do give it a try. My wine crate also had a fine grain within so i didn’t completely hide it.

Once it dried, I placed it on top of my little cabinet and placed a 40″ by 19″ glass, 8″ thick on top of it! There you go! A functional sitting area which can be used as your dining table when you are making that special meal for two.

One question that you might ask, whether or not the height becomes a hindrance. Well, when I placed it on top, I also sat on my chair to determine whether dining at the said height would be comfortable. It is absolutely comfortable.

Here are the intermediate steps:


After a coat of old white

Inside the crate photograph:

I know! very beachy! Just the way I like it.

So, what do you all say? Win or fail?

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Sunday’s Best

17 thoughts on “DIY: Wine Crate to Beach House Table with Storage”

  1. Rukmini! You’ve got to put this in Funky Junk’s linky party today….Repurposed Furniture! Perfectly awesome! I love it and I love your artistic ability to turn these things into a beautiful dining nook! Lovely! xo wendy

    1. Oh! can you redirect me to the linky? Thank you so much Wendy 🙂
      For all those sweet words, I love you. Or even otherwise. You know it.

  2. Wow girl, simply gorgeous, your creativity is outstanding. Holy crap.a.zoid what a great nook you have created out of this, I so love it, I so love it. Would you like to come to my house and make one for me, please! Thanks for sharing you creative inspiration at Sunday’s Best Par.tay! PS – I will be featuring this Saturuday.

    1. Oh my god! Thank you so much for featuring me Cathy… I dont know what to say! I’m elated.
      I would be more than honored to come to your house and make one for you. Or maybe even two. And I’ll do all of that for sometime with you and a cup of tea.
      Stealing this word from you: Crap.a.zoid. 🙂

  3. Very nice Rukmini! Makes me wish I was at the beach right now 😉 Thanks for linking up to the DIY Talent Parade!

  4. Rukmini, this is a really great re-use of a wine crate. Makes me wish I was at the beach right now. Thanks for joining the DIY Talent Parade!!!

  5. Very elegant. The whitewash is perfect, and the piece adds to the décor brilliantly. You can’t even tell that it was once a wine crate!

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