Yay and Hurrah for Colaba Point (that’s us) release their 2nd Album and we are more than happy with the feedback.

So who are we? We are bunch of sporadic jammers. That’s all. 

Here is how we are described and I thought for once I’ll keep quiet

“Colaba Point is a project that features ex-Human Abstract members Rohan Kadam (vocals, guitars, bass, loops and keyboard) and Abhishek Denzil (drums) along with Ankur Chugh (guitars, bass, loops and melodica) and Rukmini Roy (vocals) who get together sporadically to create music. The band released their second album Mildly Idyllic on April 11 this year. Formed in around January 2011, the band would get together, jam and a compilation of these jams turned into their eponymous first album in April 2011 (stream here).” Source


You know how it feels to beat one’s own drum right? Its an awkward pleasure. But I can’t help it, specially when Colaba point is being talked about in all respectable music scenes, here in India irrespective of the fact that we really did no “PROMOTION”. By far our second album solely has 95 downloads and 131 followers! Can you tell ladies, I’m happy?

Here are the list of links where we are featured! Woot-woot!




Cover art by me 

Btw, some blogger found us really interesting and “Highly Idyllic”. Best part is we don’t even know her! She did this kind act of reviewing us and this was kinda funny to see us being reviewed:

“My stint with jazz is probably the shortest ever. I never got past Ella Fitzgerald singing Cole Porter songs. So my opinion on Colaba Point‘s Mildly Idyllic can be flawed.

Colaba Point’s debut album contains nine songs varying in topics from traffic jams to day-dreaming about vacations. A fresh breath of air in midst of lyrics with lots of blood and gore. It’s not the usual sugar-coated songs on love either; this is just new. I could place two faces on the two “imaginary” friends – one who goes mute when sober and the other who feels he was wiser in the past – on two of my best friends.

The music is pleasant, calm, summery, holiday-ish. ‘Always been’, the most idyllic song of the album was the first song I listened to. I didn’t get many female vocals, in my metal and rock rampaging. I’m out of my field here, yet it was a surprise to hear Rukmini Roy’s relaxing voice come through the speakers. (I should have read the cover I know.) The two instrumentals are my favourite. Hanging On was recorded live? Wow. One rarely hears live versions without artificial audience-cheering voices put into them. Fancy Dinner reminds me of Fight Club, I don’t know why.”

Haha- this blogger only head bangs. Jeez. Anywho! Such a week it’s been…! Since its our band, I dont want to talk much here or even judge, praise, preach or promote, but there are two things i have learnt from this whole event:

1. Be honest to your talents- some people will like, some wont but be honest to what you do

2. Quality still rules the roost and if somethings good out there, people will relate, they will read.


Here’s a link to our album, in case you wish to download


Or you can also listen to us here

[bandcamp album=2783749985 bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=4285BB size=venti]

Loves and toodles everyone! Hope you all like it!

8 thoughts on “Woot Woot: Colaba Point releases its 2nd album- Mildly Idyllic”

  1. Congratulations Rukmini. It’s a great sound. Very chill-out!
    (PS Asked my son if he likes Stone Temple Pilots. He says he listens to them and they’re ‘OK’.)

  2. PS: Always Been is my favourite. Really suits your voice and I like the multiple layers of voice. The guitelele is an interesting sound – not heard one of them before.

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