This light is for Rohan.

I am not very vocal about my feelings in blog or even otherwise. You know i kind of don’t like showing people how much I love someone because its very sweet. It’s personal. But I’ll have to tell this on this occasion that this guy rocks my boat. I don’t have fun with anyone as much as i have with him. We fight all the time but end up laughing. He gives me a lot of fake compliments on my junk projects but I know he is really tellin’ that to make me happy. Sometimes he is exceptionally on my face- and by far has been the best critic I’ve known.  He is my best friend, I cannot walk one step without him and I love him dearly.

I couldn’t deny him a trippy light and he said: “Make a good light. Not your all white floral thingies. Color the glass, make it dark, so it reflects”. He wanted a stained glass lamp and a wine bottle is all I had to play with

So cutting the crap that I usually blab, we’ll jump straight to the tutorial. Yeah?

Here’s what you’ll need:

For Cutting

A wine bottle

Acetone and String

A bowl of cold water

A candle

sandpaper to smooth the sides


Mark where you want to cut your glass. Dowse string in acetone, squeeze it and tie it around the line tightly (Around the circumference). Put it on fire and let it burn off completely. Once the string is completely burnt (and black), dunk it in cold water. It will break clean!

If you want a step by step pictorial instruction, you can read here. I blogged about it last year!

What you’ll need to assemble

A bulb





If you buy a kit, you’ll have an instruction at the back. If you are buying individual parts off your hardware guy, here’s the instruction:

Pull wire through your wine bottle

Pull off a bit of wire plastic from the lose end (that you’ll be attaching to the bulb) to expose the wire within

Twist it with your hand

Take a holder and unscrew the small pins inside

Attach the holder cap

Now, attach your bulb


If you are attaching to a direct line, please ask your electrician to fix it for you. If attaching to a two pin, pull off wire similarly from the other end, open up a two pin plug and screw the wire in. 

Please wear gloves and be careful. 

How to give a stained glass effect

Honestly, there is nothing to write here. Buy glass colors and follow the instructions. Do one part at a time. Go crazy, go symmetric- its your trip baby!

I drew up some magic mushrooms in tomato red and lit it up!

Simple as that.



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9 thoughts on “DIY: Wine bottle pendant with stained glass effect & Tutorial”

  1. I am so happy that you have your love by your side, I am like you it is hard for me to show my “softer” side. I hold back afraid to let myself be that vulnerable. Your light turned out so very nice, and I know your honey must love it, and you! Thanks for sharing your creative inspiration with Sunday’s Best – you helped make the party a success!

    1. Here you are Cath! It went to spam like I suspected. stupid wordpress.
      I am indeed quite lucky to have him by my side but this whole show thing doesn’t come out of me. I’m pretty bad at show business 😛

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