Saying hello to you this Tuesday with a recycled plastic bottle planter, Because firstly, we have only 10 years to sort this mess we have made. Secondly, now that I have shifted to all glass bottles at home, I was wondering how to reuse the plastic bottles. Though we can recycle the lot, fact is a lot of plastic we use are often not recycled because they are not rcyclable. Eventually they do land up in the ocean. Or land. So if you can minimize your footprint by already re-using, why not. And thirdly, plastic pet bottles are the most inexpensive ways to root your new plant and their quality to mimic clear glass makes them a classy addition to your plant rack or center table too. All you need is a bit of good intention, a pair of scissors, a few plant stems and a bottle.

So how do you make this recycled plastic bottle planter? Super duper easy. Just cut the label off (unless you have a funky one going on in there) snip the plastic lid away and the ring that attaches the lid to the bottle.

Next, cut the bottle in half (or whatever length you prefer) with a knife (a serrated one works best), trim the edges with scissor and invert the top half into the bottom half. Your recycled plastic bottle planter is ready!

Add plants, water and keep in partial sunlight or indoors for a week until root develops and then once in a week you can keep them out for full sun.

So simple, so easy to make this recycled plastic bottle planter and so damn good this looks on your center table, I wonder why I didn’t think of this before. But better late than never.

As a matter of fact now that I see this, I see so many possibilities. Colour it and elevate your recycled plastic bottle planter (I am thinking a marbled one would look so good), use it as a vase or add soil and grow cactus! Endless is the way you can reuse a plastic bottle and yet we choose to toss it out in the garbage. Kinda sad isn’t it? Imagine if we gave a little effort for the earth we are living in, we can beautifully turn trash to treasure not just for us but for the environment too.

This crisis will not spare the rich or the poor. Remember we have only one planet to live in and its time we pulled our sleeves up. And most of it, doesn’t require us to go out of our way really!

Leaving you with a little inspiration and a thought to ponder on today.

Love, Rukmini

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