Game of Thrones. Like oh my GOT. Its the season finale and the internet is swarming with reactions and spoilers (of which I don’t care at all) and rightly so. What a show! Gripping, adrenaline inducing, and with that rare quality where you yearn to see what happens next. Game of Thrones has to be that epic of our times that we can tell our children about (when they are 18 or above) and I cant believe it’s coming to an end.

And although my feeble brain don’t remember most of the characters and the minute details of the plot, I sure have been doing my thang, and this 5 ultimate interior takeaways from Game of Thrones will burn your decor fire. Dracaryyyssssssssssssssssssss.

This Winter, Layer the Bed like Bran Stark

Natural elements, earthy paisleys and that quintessential fur throw- Bran Stark’s room is a minimalist’s heaven. Look at that natural, worn out cabinet and the wooden elements on top, the beautiful wooden wainscotting as headboard and the curved stone niches. House Stark with a slather of white is my favourite from the Game of Thrones

Create an indoor-outdoor space like the Lannisters

Natural stone tile flooring, an ornate vintage round table, cast iron patio chairs and all that diffused sunlight from the open space carefully covered with sheers. Also, don’t forget to note the carelessly strewn dried flowers that just took my heart. Honestly, if I was Cersei and this was my place, I would do anything to guard it too.

An outdoor patio like Khaleesi

How fun will an outdoor patio like khaleesi be? Natural canvas, lots of wicker and a raised place with sofas and ottomans. Boy, don’t need no Dothraki soldiers y’all. Just the patio is fine.

Get inspired by Dorne’s water palace and it’s Moorish Architecture

Take a nice long look at those tiles. Now imagine a minimal home with an accent tiled wall. Or a restaurant. With Moroccan lanterns hanging; casting a dull, soft glow. Yeah, you are welcome. No gold for me though.

Natural wood with brass tacks for accents is a style from Red wedding that’ll never die

Sure, a lot of people died in the Red Wedding and the Game of Thrones fans just shut them off and cried their hearts out (including me) but I couldn’t get past the gorgeous tacked table here. What a fabulous DIY idea that could breathe life into any table. I did one once and you can see it here.

Well, off to see the final episode and see if we have any other to add in, in here.

Have yourself a fabulous little Monday

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