DIY Storage boxes are life and you don’t need Marie Kondo to tell you that. Though I absolutely adore Marie Kondo and her Konmari method and I’m going to be using a few of those layout boxes for my drawers soon and yet- simple boxes {with or without layers and stacking} if recycled and utilized properly can save you a lot of buck and help you store your belongings in style & plain sight! In our vitality month, we are decluttering a bit so there is no restriction of energy in the house and these DIY storage boxes are coming very handy in doing so.

Google had sent me a Diwali package with bits and bobs of their goodies and I found the box to be perfect for our DIY Storage Boxes debut. Remember the kitchen wall we did up recently? I had some contact paper left and I used that up for covering these DIY Storage boxes {another being a cute little watch box which I store my earrings in}

Super easy to do, these DIY storage boxes can be used to give gifts too- just swap the style and design of the contact paper. Though I think most of you will figure this on your own {I have immense faith in my followers} and yet, here are the steps!

DIY Storage boxes tutorial

What you’ll need: A measuring tape, Exacto/Paper knife, a box and contact paper. Or wallpaper which is pre-gummed or just wallpaper (add gum to it)

How you’ll do it: Measure the four side of the box and cut keep 1/8th of an inch margin. This will help in seamless overlapping. Peel and smoothen as you stick. For the lid, lay your contact paper face down and keep the lid on it. Measure the sides, give an extra 1/8th of an inch and cut out. Now, keeping the lid on the paper, cut the paper in squares as shown.

This will ensure seamless wrapping. Now peel and stick. I did it face up to show you all. Smoothen each side as you stick as these papers are very prone to air trapping. Next, add your stash, lid on and happy on! You are done.

Note: In case of trapped air, make a tiny incision in the are and with your thumb push the air out.

Then of course, for superior quality check, get your cat to approve. If she approves, it’s good to go. Remember, cats are the biggest believers in boxes and a good box will be instantly liked.

P.S. sorry about the colour spill, I was also painting a lampshade in there!

Alright, off then. Keep creating and may your month be full of vitality.

Rukmini XO

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