It’s a DIY kitchen rack people and it’s so easy to do, you’ll smack yourself for not doing this earlier. Okay maybe not smack but just a little tap on your head, but you get the idea. And I’m feeling very bad to cut out all the enigma surrounding this little stand by telling you all that this is is the most common steel rack you will ever find {in any corner of the world} and it costs 400 bucks or approx $8. What I did is, I got it home, sanded it down with a fine grit, added a primer and then a coat of Asian Paints water based apcolite paint. Next, I distressed it with a coarse sand paper and left it in the balcony for about 2 weeks to rust it a bit to make it look like an old antique, French find. That’s it! Easy peasy and whatever that follows. BUT! It looks kinda smashing innit?

Since the kitchen reveal, I have had so many of you asking me about this one particular rack that I thought it’ll be a good idea to take that as a cue for my blog. You know this is also one thing I love about social media. You can gauge the user behaviour first hand. And then use the insight to turn it into information. It’s brilliant! But the tactics of social, some other day.

For today, it’s the heroic little DIY Kitchen rack

Take a look at it closely! It mimics all the romanticness of an antique find in merely 400 bucks which makes me think life’s very fair for those who can apply some elbow grease. I got a smaller rack and painted in green, which sits snug in our storage. Remember this?

The trick however is in the primer. Do not skip on the primer bit or else your paint will peel. And keep them in a balcony that receives some amount of water- maybe the balcony that has your plants? Or use it to keep your plants for a while? Or the bath? Either of these places will do.

Cleaning your DIY Kitchen Rack

Because it’s treated, you can scrub it down as you would a plain steel rack so I’d recommend use colins or a fair substitute and wipe it down weekly with a soft cloth. Once a month {if you feel it’s super sticky} just add some dishwashing liquid in warm water and use a soft sponge to clean it.

That’s what I do at home.

Stack, rack, Enjoy!

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  1. Hi.. please leave a link of where exactly you bought this rack.. I hope it is available online..

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