Allow me to indulge you all in a DIY Handwash in this episode of #leaveitbetterthanyoufoundit because A- It is incredibly better than the store bought handwash & B- It lets you reuse the plastic container without another refill pouch or worse- another container. But I’ll have to be honest, I didn’t do this as a part of this project. I needed to do this.

It all started from a very dry patch in one of my fingers. What started off as a little dry spot- which could have been a bruise or a burn and for a few days I let it go thinking it’s probably a kitchen mishap of which I have no memory of- flared into a very weird looking tough skin and cracks within a week, and I couldn’t ride it off no more. I mostly blame stuff on age because frankly at this point in life, you will see a few changes and the faster you accept it’s age, the better it is for you- but this sure wasn’t the age. The dry patch seem to not heal at all!

“Never trust to general impressions my boy but concentrate yourself upon details”

After a week, I visited my dermatologist. Frantic and kind of scared because certainly Google has given me the skin cancer flag. I am also borderline hypochondriac so anything out of line and I start fretting. I for one certainly had to know the details and it was time to get over the general impressions. To my relief however, she said, it’s just dry skin. Gave me an ointment, asked me to stay away from detergent for a few days and see if it improves.

Erm, but I have a washing machine. And pramila handles that department. How is this happening?

My next go to suspect was my shampoo. So I changed my shampoo to an organic, mild one, didn’t bother changing the soap because I have used it forever and the dry patch still seemed to get kinda weird. So tell me, what’s left?

“There is nothing more deceptive than an obvious fact.”

I was using a store bought Fiama Di Willis Handwash and I have completely overlooked it. And other than buying another commercial handwash which promises all sorts of stuff (and the label says otherwise) and dries out the hands, I thought I’ll just make my own DIY handwash

Ideally, I would have loved a reetha based DIY handwash recipe but till I find that out, this will do.

Here’s what you need to make a DIY Handwash that’s also good for you

Castile liquid Soap- which is pure soap. I usually fill 1/4th of the bottle. It’s available locally or on Amazon. Check the section “no plastic wrap required”

Coconut/olive/jojoba oil- Can use any one or a mixture of three but shouldn’t exceed 20 ml. Or it gets a tad bit oily

Essential oil of your choice- 20 to 25 drops. I used lavender because well, big fan.

Vitamin E capsule- I used one evion. Just cut and pour the liquid from inside the bottle

Water- Fill rest of the bottle.

Note: While I added water to this batch, Inde from @indegoesgram reccomends nkt adding water. She has been learning cosmetic chemistry and says castile soap is a very mild soap and doesn’t require water at all. Dilute while use. So the next batch will have no water.

Be gentle with the water or else the suds will just spill. Next, add the pump and give it a little shake to mix it all up. Your DIY handwash is now ready.

But then again, I won’t stop here will I?

So I printed a little label from The Graphics Fairy and stuck it on the bottle. Labeled it with the date of manufacture ofcourse because that’s what a good chemist does right? Picture my imaginary glasses and white coat. Oh, the life of a chemist must be so interesting. What brilliant concoctions fills those beakers and god knows what it can alter. Ah! I always wanted to study more chemistry but for now, this will do.

If you want to download the label, you can head here. She is wonderful and I have been follow The Graphics Fairy for over 10 years now.

I also added a little ribbon to it because why not.

We are now ready and armed to deal with the world. With some lavender, love and a DIY handwash on our side.

If you do get to try it, tag me. I am @trumatter everywhere!!!

Alright, see y’all laters gators.


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