I have said this before, and yet again, Life is so momentous. Last week, this time, I was enjoying a bit of white wash thinking I am all set for the rest of my life and look at me today. A deep, navy blue wall stands like a blanket of midnight sky waiting for the magical stars to twinkle and etch a thousand dreams. While the shade is Armada by Asian Paints, I think it’s ‘The time where the stars are the brightest” midnight blue. Frankly I am in no compulsion to stick to its pre-decided name. To me, its nothing less than that and I shall not call it by any other. This paint is now mine!

Colours evoke sentiments in us and I cannot lie about what it evokes in me as I stand in front of it. Mostly just staring.

Talk about the perils of being a dreamer.

And with that lovely blue wall in here, I am also finding that concrete pendant I had for ages as a thorn in my sole. I need a wicker fixture in there and I will have to see a nifty little deal to grab one. Or a chandelier. Preferably a nice, dainty one. With little crystals.

But doesn’t a dark blue wall make your room look smaller?

No it won’t. And why not? Because of the same reason why an all white paint work, but in an opposite way. A little confusing? Let me explain.

An all white paint makes the room appear larger by reflecting light. A dark paint on the other hand reflects much less light and by being not defined by lights it blurs the edges of the room. And when the walls are less clearly marked, your space can look larger too.

Plus, a moody, luxe color changes throughout the day with intensity of light and that’s wonderful. I have spoken at lengths about this when we did the grey wall in here and you can read all about it here

How did I choose the shade of blue?

Well, here is my quote if you ever decide to quote me. “Navy Blue is the new black, white and blush and it always will be”. And its coming from a person who practically, pretty much hates most blue walls. I think it has something to do with blue walls in government quarters and that sickly overhead neon light that made me hate blue walls in all forms but navy. There is something about a dark navy blue wall that is so rich and sophisticated and yet serene and calming.

Pair it with some classic white, warm wood and wicker and it lends such a restful, beach cottage vibe- one I dare say is the necessity for us city folks.

Navy also rests on the warmer side of the blue spectrum which creates an inviting and cocooning feel.

Dang, it’s not a color. Dark, moody, navy blue is an antidote to us wearies souls.

And if you have been thinking about it

I say go for it. Navy has a very cheeky way of surprising you. Play it with gold for unapologetic glam, pair it down with faded and pastels for a casual vibe or add lots of white and natural warm wood as I have for a relaxed feel. It’s pretty much a brilliant colour!

I used Armada by Asian Paints Royale. Chose matte.

I also wanted to write a little about happiness and how thinking about purpose of life is kind of an unnecessary quest but for now I think I’ll stick to the details of a blue wall.

One that’s making a girl very, very happy!

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