“I’m gonna swing from the chandelier, from the chandelier
I’m gonna live like tomorrow doesn’t exist
Like it doesn’t exist”

Well, maybe not so rad but I am definitely standing under my chandelier and thinking of good times. Hello and welcome to reading your’s truly and we have a DIY Chandelier tutorial here. Hop on along.

Chandelier 2
When Houzify (India’s first interior and home decor app) spoke to me for a blogging association with them- you know, pen down a few decor ideas and DIY rants for decor loving people- I couldn’t help but pull out this old timer of a DIY chandelier tutorial which sort of became a turning point in my blogging career {More on that later}.Too bad it broke during shifting bases and i’m glad I found writing for Houzify the perfect excuse to recreate it, all over again, after a good 4 years.

Plus, I think I wanted to celebrate my journey from being a lone blogger, blogging in the dead of the night or till the wake of dawn only to wonder if anyone’s reading her decor ideas at all to being asked to share her expertise on the subject on a platform like Houzify. And nothing would have done justice to this occasion than recreating one of my favorite pieces as an ode. 

Collage_Trumatter_For blogYou know what’s the best thing about this chandelier? You’ll only need about 6-7 meters of wire, rice/fairy lights, a plier and a bit of patience. And of course if you are wee little like me and cannot-anyhow- reach to the plug point nestled cozily on your ceiling, by all means have your trady come and fix it for you. He will only need to connect the wires from the rice lights to the main wires that is all.

Chandelier1Looks very dramatic, is absolutely gorgeous and costs less than 500 rupees! So yay, without much further ado let’s dive into the DIY Chandelier tutorial {Originally created for Houzify.com}

What you’d need

Wire: 7 meters


Black tape: 2 reels

Rice lights: 2 x full length

How to make

1. Divide your wires into 4 parts. 3 x 1 meter and 1 x 2 meter. You’ll need double round for the base for it to be strong

2. Take the longer wire and loop it into a ring. You should have two lines of wire in the circle. With the help of a plier secure the ends.

3. Now attach the other 3 wires to the main frame. You want to achieve a crown like structure.

4. Attach one end of the wire to the frame. Make a semi circle over it {sort of a bucket handle} and secure the other end . Now repeat step 4 with the other two wires, going in a crisscross fashion. You should have 6 wire strands running from the top.

5. With the help of black tape secure the point of intersection of the wires {where the 3 wires cross over each other}

6. Step 6, wrap rice lights around the wires with its plug end on top. #Tip: roll rice lights into a ball, wrapping the plug end last. Now leave 60 cm of plug end wire and start wrapping the crown from top.

7. Connect it to your main wire and hang it with a hook. You do not need chains, the wire itself will hold the frame, because its quite light weight.

Chandelier 2This post was originally crafted for Houzify.com and you can read it there! Happy DIY-ing, happy home decor.

Now that we have a plethora of festivals lined up- yes, in India its officially the festival season- you can easily give your rice lights a twist by turning it into outdoor or indoor chandeliers.

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