How have you been ladies? Have you been very busy like me? Like a girl who has absolutely no time & money to even blog about her new home?

So frustrating! Since the time I changed places, I seem to have left time & money behind. I wake up and then I suddenly find myself trying to cook dinner. Time’s speeding THAT fast. About money, I owe my husband 50 grands. can you believe this? 50 grands. Let’s just eat and forget about it!


In this house, we roll differently. While I would never face difficulties with regards to money when its food or home or luxuries of life, I would very much be left to starve to death when my decor pangs are concerned. He simply doesn’t get why I need to change the bolster covers to a white on white stripe when plain whites look just fine. I tell you ladies, all I do in this household, the itsy bits you see and appreciate, is mostly with my own money unless its a piece that my husband approves and likes. I’m sort of a decor rebel in this home.

But even in so much timelessness and moneylessness, a girl must do what a girl must do.


So here’s my cheat guide to an awesome looking urban balcony:

Tip: 1

Create an illusion of dedicated space

If you must have two things at the same place, create an illusion of space. Get a rug. Plastic, jute, carpets- a rug lifts up a space like no other. Here’s how my balcony looked before the rug. The rug defines the reading nook and separates it from our outdoor dining.


And this is how it looked after


Tip: 2

Create spots of interest

a sitting area with books serve well and also looks stylish. Barring the rainy season, keep a reading nook outside. For urban balconies like these, a beanbag or two or even a low seating area works well.  Keep a cactus garden, flaunt your vintage chairs- when the space is small, create interesting spots. In my balcony- a DIY Float made from a discarded fish bowl, a buddhist prayer flag and little things adorn the space.


Tip: 3

Keep it colored

Balconies see most traffic in an apartment. Whether you are doing bbq on a Sunday morning or some benevolent drinker spills beer- balconies are where people are when chilling. As a homemaker, I understand the difficulties in keeping this white. My suggestion- keep it colored. The rugs, the beans bags, the sitting- pops of color do look good in an all white setting all the while serving purpose. a cheap hibiscus adorns my balcony and it gives the whole place quite a zing.

IMG_0310And that’d be all from this part of the world.

I’d love to know how you like my new balcony. any suggestions?

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16 thoughts on “DIY: Budget Balcony Decorating Ideas & 3 awesome tips!”

  1. Well done! The rug is perfect for defining the separate spaces. Most men don’t get why it’s so important to us to feather our nests. Hope you are happier in your new place!

    1. Thank you! You should have seen the drama against putting the rug outside. Men are just so men like. I am at the moment extremely happy. Putting more feathers and making the nest a lot more fluffier. 🙂

  2. You’ve done a great job working on a little budget, thanks for sharing your new home. I hope theres more to come when you find the time 🙂

    1. Thank you 🙂 Well, yes…things in budget have its restrictions but no better happiness than recreating something beautiful out of nothing!

  3. Love the format of this post and I’m in total agreement with you on rugs. I need some more in my house!! Three tips are great.

    1. Thanks! I think Im going to write in this format whenever possible. Its easy to read.
      And I totally agree that one can never overdo rugs 😉

  4. Your balcony looks so cute, I love the color pops mixed with the white! The view is lovely too, and that hibiscus is just gorgeous!

    I’m looking forward to having my own balcony to decorate someday, but I can tell you right now: it will have plants and a cute reading/writing area for sure! 😉
    Just the other day I bought some new outdoors pottery to repot some of my plants to (and they’ll most probably come with when I get to move into my own place).

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