IMG_0253So ya…Welcome! Out and out from my tiny apartment by the creek and perched high near the hills with a view now. Do I miss the creek? I do. Am i happier? I of course am. Closer to hills, feels like home.

I wake up these days, make a cup of tea, read some magazine in the terrace as the sun rises beyond the hills, send the husband to office and smile at the good life.


The cot has been placed, the flowers are in, the stripes are in- a beachy home is in the making- again!


Took out this bottle from inside the storage after ages. I made that from a plain bottle and a bit of yellow pop goes beautiful with the beachy hues. No?

IMG_0254This is the time when flowers bloom. But this is also the time when they are very expensive. I shelled out a good 4$ for these and the lotus but what the heck- who cares.

IMG_0236I love lotuses. If you happen to find one at yours try smelling them. They smell so good! And oh, look at its rich hues and beautiful petals. In my country, if you have beautiful eyes, they call you “kamal nayan”. Which means you got eyes like lotus! I don’t have them. Mine are more like a royal bengal tiger.

IMG_0246So much to do and so, very little photos.

I’ll be coming up with easy barbecue recipes soon- I have hot new lover 😉

Till then, toodles.

Do you like my new home?

13 thoughts on “Beach inspired decor & seasonal flowers for the new home!”

    1. Oh, am I glad Maureen! Sorry for the late visit and reply though…was very stuck. Sorry about your bistro set… it kind of broke my heart too 😛

  1. Your new home looks great so far, looking forward to more and more photos (and ideas) as you decorate!

    What I found is that when Gerberas are fading you can prolong their life if the stem is cut short. Cut them to half at the first signs of fading, then, when they start fading again, cut them as close to the flower head as possible.
    I have two champagne glasses (the old, wide type ones from my grandmother’s) which are lonesome, their set broke years ago. I add water and place my flower’s heads in those. Or in round bowls. They float on top of the water from the dishes.
    They look pretty when the arrangement is done, and the live longer.
    (Now I’ll have to write a tip-Monday type post to share the idea with my blog readers) 🙂

    1. Hey, I didn’t know that! I make my flowers last long by adding salt and sugar to the water… works well and I cut them angular. But need to try this.
      I have a lovely terracotta bowl and Gerberas and abundant here.

  2. The apartment is looking lovely, Rukmini. I have never seen a real lotus flower. But I have made them myself using coloured card. One more thing to add to the list of things to show me if I ever get to India! 🙂
    I hope your lease can be extended, and I hope you will continue to be happy here.

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