A nightstand can change your life and it is always for the better. There. I said it.

Really. This is one of those things you never quite actively think about when you think of home decor but cannot have enough of it once you have one in place.

Often overlooked and yet very crucial- nightstands are those friends who voluntarily switches the light off at night when both of you are comfortably tucked in and don’t want to get up. No furniture can quite match up to the convenience it provides and today we are going to talk about few easy ways to get a nightstand going even if you don’t particularly have one intended for that purpose.

Grab your cuppa joe or wine, lets get going!

View from my nightstand!

Function First when it comes to choosing your nightstand

Before anything else, let’s understand how to choose a nightstand for your room, and when it comes to this piece of furniture, I’d say think function first.

If your bedroom needs extra storage for smaller items, or if you like to store your pieces out of sight, then a nightstand with storage is ideal. It could be a cabinet, a chest of drawers or even some statement pieces like a trunk, vintage wooden boxes etc.

If you need the look to be sleek & if extra storage is not your key concern then have at a simple open-legged unit that’ll complement the design narrative of your space.

It becomes pivotal to understand how the bedside units are going to perform in your space and thanks to the many designs available, it’s easy to make one work for your space no matter what the blueprint!

I needed a nightstand that double duty’s as a storage so I used a cabinet as opposed to a table!

And then of course, your nightstand your style!

Depending on the milieu you wish to conjure to life, you get to decide on the look & feel of the nightstands. And there are sooooo many ways to go about this! Your nightstands can be neutral-hued to let the bed make a statement; they could be all minimal & blend in with your bed style – much like mine where a white distressed vintage cabinet adds that touch of timelessness when paired with my wrought-iron headboard. Or it can be a statement piece in a room that’s otherwise simple.

The Statement Nightstand


Take this for example. This faux wood log is the perfect example of a statement nightstand. Functional and yet very on trend, this piece is from an Australian outfit called Mocka. I have been following them for a while now and I love their minimalistic furniture. In India, I think you can get one of these real ones in a wooden shop quite easily.

The simple, functional nightstand

These simple IKEA stands make for the perfect nightstands and they are so versatile. From grabbing a snack to reading books or working with your laptop, simple portable nightstands are great if you move around a lot in your home.

A concealed nightstand

One of my favourites, concealed nightstands are great because A- no visible mess (im very messy) B- no dust! Plus you can use a cabinet, a chest, a trunk and the lot! From shabby chic to rustic- you can choose one that goes with your style and home.

The stool nightstand


A minimalist? Well, a simple stool can be your nightstand. Great for dorms, or if you are sharing rooms- I have used a stool for years in my home and they are horses. Love a farmhouse meets rustic one like this!

The jugaad, stacked up book nightstand


Got a low seating and need a quick nightstand? Stack up those books and magazines. Perfect for keeping a lamp, candles and a cup of tea. Love how Sanna and Sania did this but if you were to not paint books, a simple stacking will do! Like this.

Like so, like this!!! Haha Channeling my inner Tabitha yall!

Meanwhile, if you do have a nightstand and would love a guide to deck it, here are 5 quick checkpoints

  1. Organization is Everything

Bring in trinket trays or decorative shallow plates/bowls for your catch-all. These add a touch of vanity to the table top while also keeping all tiny items in one place. Let these build on the bedside styling persona you’re going for. Ceramics, glass, brushed metal could do great here!

  • Good Reads & Artefacts

Your nightstands quite honestly find their inspiration from you. Bring in those favorite books, your kindle, coffee table books or journals & stack them nice ‘n’ pretty. Bring in photos that make you smile in frames of your choice & style the nightstand with some interesting bric-a-brac that’s thematic. Changing these up through the seasons & months is a fun take. You could also hang up art/mirrors just above the tables to introduce a piece de resistance.

  • Let There be Light

The choices are endless. Table lamps, wall sconces, fairy lights in a vintage lantern box, pendant hung from the ceiling or just any form of lighting that is ambient & also fulfills the function of adequately illuminating your bedsides for your usage.

  • Green Route

Last but never the least, add that touch of green to your table surface! Bring in potted indoor plants, creepers, perennial flowers, succulent planters or even air plants to breathe life into your nook. Adding nature to the mix is always a good idea!

And there you have it! A complete round-up list ofnightstands and how to ace one, and believe me you- you will thank us if you don’t have one in place already.

And if it did help you, give us a shout and holler coz that’s my business. Hahaha hello Tabitha. Again.

Alright. Off.


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