Pinterest’s ultimate muse, every college kid’s go-to décor essential, the ever-so-magical Christmas & Diwali decoration stash staple and an instant cheer pick me up. Yup, Fairy Lights they are and ze have taken over ze blog today… aaand I haven’t had so much fun shooting in a long time. Seriously, there is something about Fairy Lights that radiate happiness. Much like the first rays of sun that you just cannot miss.

And ofcourse, with the sheer love you’ll have showered on the ‘Bright at 8’ endeavor, this styling guide was just waiting to happen! So let us, like Chris Martin’s golden song, guide you home, ignite your bones and try to fix you a little dose of happiness. Vamonos!

A few Tips before the DIYs

Where to buy: A local electrical store or Amazon. Easily access your favourite ones ranging in shades of white, warm white & yellow. Battery operated, flexible copper wire strings, plastic string lights with bulbs/globes & LED lights are some of the common types, and they all look very nice

How to fix: We’d suggest using simple clear/scotch tape which isn’t cruel to your walls.

How to go about it: It’s always best to start planning your lighting feature post locating the nearest connection if you’re using electrically powered lights. If you are using battery operated ones, make sure the battery switch is handy.

And now, for the Fairy Lights DIY ideas

The Dreamy Bed Teepee

The only thing between you and you feeling like a princess is a teepee with fairy lights and we’d rather have it the princess way! A simple sheer hung from the top of your bed and a few strings of fairy lights can very well mimic the dreaminess of a boho four poster bed and we couldn’t help but channel some good vibes in these times of need.

What you’ll need: You will need a sticky hook (I highly recommend command hooks) or a nail that’s already stuck, a sheer cloth about 7 meters (2 sheer curtains can also be hung. Secure the corners with a safety pin and hang it from the pin) and ofcourse- fairy lights. Battery operated lights or electric powered ones- both work fine.

How: Add the hook on the wall- exactly on the center of your bed. We kept it 1 ft high, you can choose how high you want. Next, hang a sheer and place like a tent. Add fairy lights from top. Get your wine and a movie and voila!

Make a canopy of lights in your balcony or garden

Entwine the chosen string lights around your planters, the plant branches, tree stumps or pots. Or, as we have, just make a canopy of fairy lights by stringing them through out your balcony roof. I have a bunch of fake wisterias that I bought ages ago and I love the soft glow of these fairy lights through them.

Words that Inspire

Source: Pottery Barn

Fairy lights stuck onto your wall with scotchtapes look absolutely dreamy and best part is, from DIY options to readymade ones- the possibilities are endless. For the longest time, I had a sign that read, “it’ll all workout” and it used to make me happy all the time!

What to choose: Let it be something catchy & inspirational. Spell a word out on the wall, you can make a super-light pencil/chalk outline & tape the string light as you go. You can etch the word on a canvas and poke holes and fill the lights in, in shape of a word as I have.

Mason Jars/Lanterns

A cluster of low-heat generating copper wire fairy lights when clustered together in clear mason jars, lanterns or even glass planters make for an elegant table light feature, nightstand lamps or just as statement pieces! I have this IKEA lantern on my nightstand and I LOVE it

A Dash of Light Everywhere

Strings of light hung along the wall’s length behind a headboard – makes for a true VSCO moment. You can clip on curios or polaroid pictures to personalise it. Entwine the lights along the headboard structure or bed posters to give your bed area that comfy glam. Or bundle them inside a glass terrarium and hang it from your wardrobe for that true boho vibe. And if rustic is your thing, wound it around a branch and fix it on the wall for a DIY light fixture

There are numerous ways to use these guys up honestly and each one of them look stunning. I chose these 5 because I personally use them and will be able to vouch for it.

So go on, get those lights on and we hope we are kept where the light is!

Love, Rukmini + Team Trumatter

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