Trumatter is on Goodhomes India today and what a good news to wake up to. Thank you SaffronTrail for connecting me and the insanely awesome Meenakshi with whom I ended up talking coffee on the first day and that never happens. So chuffed that they found our tiny 550 sq.ft. apartment worthy. Super duper chuffed right now, and a huge hug is on its way to Nandita Iyer. Little did I know, in 2010, that things will lead here. That people will find my work fitting and people who I look upto would recommend Trumatter still comes as a pleasant surprise.

GoodHomes asked me in an interview as to what Design means to me. I don’t think we have really talked in here about that or where do my influences come from when design is concerned. I generally sit with coffee and go on and on about the paintbrush and I. So I have opened my heart out a little bit on GoodHomes, as I chatted with Meenakshi about philosophies and quotes that rule my world, my homedecor style and DIY ethic, and design experiments. If you have liked Trumatter and her home style all these years, I am sure you’ll find this a good read which will tell you of my roots; of where I come from. Here is the full interview

Give it a read if you have some free time.

We are finally back from our super short crash trip to Bhandardara and I always find the place so serene. Tucked in Igatpuri, Maharashtra is this beautiful Arthur Hill Lake Dam which offers a stunning sunset view. We stayed in MTDC by the lake and couldn’t find words to describe how pretty the place is. When I woke up this morning, I walked out to our balcony- a whiff and all my tired nerves and pre-old-bones seem to get a lease of life. Too bad the big bad cam was not with us to chill so here’s a phone snap from near the lake. What an absolute stunner. Thank you Mr. Kadam for whisking me away for a couple of days- this was totally needed.


I’ll have to talk about this place separately but I couldn’t hold myself from showing you this photo.

Anyway, lots to come in the coming weeks and must prep stuff for tom coz hey, work!

Have a fabulous week ahead people.

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